The Age Good Food Under $30 guide 2014

The Age Good Food Under $30 2014 guide.
The Age Good Food Under $30 guide 2014.

Eating out in 2014 is likely to include a side of something spectacular: multitasking waiters doubling as personal grillmasters, wielding tongs to flip speciality meat cuts at the burgeoning Korean barbecues blitzing town. Kitchens are being turned inside-out, their inner workings becoming part of the floor-show. We can watch noodles being made while we're sampling them in soup, and see charcuterie fall from the slicer to the plate. And, of course, there's the always impressive knife skills of sushi chefs.

For breakfast? Plenty of places are making it the most important meal of the day, with house-smoked meats and fancy butters on finessed dishes.

With more high-end places repositioning themselves in the under-$30 ranks, serious food's becoming less serious and more fun. In 2014 we'll flaunt eating souvlaki (inspired by George Calombaris) and forgo a 'proper' meal for bar food; think slices of morcilla and brussels sprouts croquettes. But it's still hard to beat a no frills, no fuss bang-up bowl of pho or ramen.

Simone Egger, Editor

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