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Best breakfast-in-bed recipes

Got a solid plan for saying "Thanks mum!" this Sunday? Here's our pick of indulgent breakfasts. There's one for every kind of mum.

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Our new recipe writers, the Blue Ducks.

Meet the Blue Ducks

Jill Dupleix With their new cafe soon to open in Rosebery, Sydney, Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy share recipes that reflect their ethos of feeding people fresh, healthy food, made from scratch.


Dan Lepard's plain butter cake.

Vanilla butter birthday cake

Dan Lepard A flat sheet cake that's perfect for when you want an even texture that cuts easily into shapes to assemble into a complex birthday cake.

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Salmon salad with green tahini dressing.

Salmon salad with green tahini dressing

Adam Liaw You have to love a recipe when you look down the list of ingredients and everything is good for you.

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Lamb with 40 garlic cloves.

Lamb with 40 garlic cloves

Jill Dupleix France's famous 'chicken with 40 garlic cloves' is even better done with lamb.

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Adam Liaw's favourite pork belly soup.

Best warming soup recipes

Take heart, there are some good things about cold weather; a steaming bowl of soup is the best example.

new orleans

Adam Liaw's banana foster recipe for Mother's Day.

Bananas Foster with walnuts

Adam Liaw While many recipes for this New Orleans dessert call for firm bananas, I think ripe ones are best as they soften into a lovely, sticky mess. Add walnuts at the end for texture. This is a great finish to your Mother's Day menu and is simple enough even for novice chefs.


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Top chefs reveal their favourite ingredients

Nine top chefs tell us their favourite ingredient and what they make with it. (02:11)

Rainbow salad

Rainbow salad.

ADAM LIAW "Eating the rainbow" is one of the simplest and most memorable pieces of nutritional advice you can follow.

Plum and hazelnut tart

Neil Perry's nutty plum tart.

Early Autumn is the perfect time of year to celebrate sweet treats with a decadent, nutty plum tart.