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Tomato salad with tzatziki.

Ten great summer salads

Jill Dupleix The hottest (and coolest) salads around for the summer of 2015.

Juice boost

Making fresh juices can be a great way to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Recipes for immunity, digestion and fibre

Arabella Forge Juicing is an easy way to increase your daily consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Peter Evans' vegetable-replacement, gluten-free spaghetti with meatballs.

Swap it: simple changes to clean up your diet

Danielle Colley A full-blown diet can be a miserable affair, but there are simple dietary changes that can make a difference.

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Eggplant and pomegranate yoghurt

Eggplant and pomegranate yoghurt

Shane Delia The smoky flavour of eggplant roasted on the BBQ grill dominates this dish, which pairs perfectly with grilled meat.

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Fabulous salads for summer

From a traditional green salad to a grainy bowl with crunch: 13 great recipes.

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Meat-free recipe ideas

Vegetarian fare is no longer the poor-cousin to meat-based dishes. Check out these tasty recipes.

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A slice o' nice

Pack a treat for a picnic, grab a piece for a break at work, or serve up a delicious slice of happiness for afternoon tea with these recipes.



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How to make the perfect margarita

Sven Almenning of Eau-de-Vie cocktail bar takes us through the precise steps to make a classic margarita. (02:18)


Supercharge your diet: Salad 101

Lee Holmes' kale slaw is a great example of how to bring a salad together.

Lee Holmes Four recipes and tips on nailing salad from Lee Holmes' new book Eat Clean Green & Vegetarian.

Black pepper tofu with eggplant


NEIL PERRY We whip out the wok and visit China for delicious inspiration for this spicy dish, ideal for serving as part of a banquet. The eggplant is great with asparagus added. I also like to steam cubes of silken tofu, place them in the bottom of the serving bowl, then add the sauce.