Chocolate hazelnut cake with mascarpone.

Chocolate hazelnut cake

Frank Camorra Every cook should have a dependable chocolate cake recipe. This one has a cheesy surprise that adds moisture.


Warm salad of blue cheese with sweet potato, hazelnuts and watercress.

Warm salad of blue cheese, sweet potato and hazelnuts with watercress

Caroline Velik The robust flavours in this salad are perfect at this time of year. If you don't like blue cheese, substitute a delicious creamy marinated fetta.

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carrot cake bliss balls from pete evans

Carrot cake bliss balls

Pete Evans Fully tick one of the all important boxes in your daily nutritional requirements … vegies!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Broccoli stem noodles.

Broccoli stem noodles with snow peas

Jill Dupleix Yes people, it's time to Save Our Stalks, Steam Our Stems and Serve Our Shoots.

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brain food

Seeing red: A Mexican tomato is actually what we would call a tomatillo.

What is jitomate?

Richard Cornish My Mexican recipe calls for jitomate - what is it exactly?

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comfort food

Karen Martini's pad Thai.

Pad Thai

Karen Martini This is such a simple classic, but when it's good, it's just so delicious.

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conquer a cuisine

BBQ Yakitori Chicken

Barbecue yakitori chicken

Neil Perry This Japanese-inspired dish is perfect with a bowl of rice and a miso soup on the side.

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Andrew McConnell named Victoria's best chef

The man who won Citi Chef of the Year might have been away in New York, but the Good Food Awards partied on, with Victoria's culinary elite gathering at the NGV to celebrate their achievements in food. (03:08)


How to make the perfect creme brulee

Creme brulee at C'est Bon, Brisbane.

Tap, tap, tap, crack. Here's how to make the French classic at home.

Use your noodles

Whether you're talking udon, hokkien, rice or ramen, wiggly squiggly noodles put the fun factor into countless Asian dishes. They're also cheap, tasty and easy to cook - and form a great base for soups, salads and stir-fries. Here are some recipes to get you slurpin'.