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Bloody Mary prawn cocktail

Bloody mary prawn cocktail

Adam Liaw This grown-up salad-style prawn cocktail is the perfect start to your Christmas feast. Add some sliced red chillies if you want a spicier kick.

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White Xmas parfait

White Christmas parfait

Dan Lepard This pudding - in the grand tradition of Australian iced Christmas desserts - can be made a week ahead, sliced straight from frozen, and gets an evocative mix of childhood and adult flavours bang-on.

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Chocolate biscuits

Dunkin' double chocolate hazelnut biscuits

Lyndey Milan These are really a chocolate shortbread, perfect for dunking on their own.

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How to make a Christmas cake

Justine Costigan Baker Odette Martini shares her decadent Christmas cake recipe.


Pea, soybean and mint soup

Warm weather pea, soybean and mint soup

Frank Camorra Light, refreshing summer soups are a favourite in my house.

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FIBRE-PACKED PUDDING: Chia seeds swell in liquid to form a gel-like substance.

Ten foods to boost your digestion

Arabella Forge Feeling sluggish? Dietitian Arabella Forge recommends ten fibre-rich foods that can improve your gut health.

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Perfecting the gingerbread house

The key is in the lollies, says master gingerbread house builder Phillippa Grogan. (03:09)


Chia and coconut yoghurt

JILL DUPLEIX Crunchy like poppy seeds when dry, and slippery like sago when they have absorbed up to 10 times their volume in liquid, chia seeds are gluten-free power bombs of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibre, with more anti-oxidants than blueberries.

Roast chicken, avocado and rustic grain salad

Roast chicken, avocado and rustic grain salad.

NEIL PERRY This smart, substantial salad has a great texture and makes a perfect lunch with its mix of grains and greens. You can use any grains you like: spelt, barley or even boiled white rice.