Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw

2010 MasterChef winner and TV presenter

2010 MasterChef winner and TV presenter

Teriyaki fish

Teriyaki fish.

Teriyaki chicken may be the go-to Japanese dish here in Australia, but over in Japan the popular teriyaki glaze is most often used with firm-fleshed white fish.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed Sep 16 09:19:17 EST 2015

Beef tataki

Adam Liaw's beef tataki.

This simple dish is the perfect introduction to authentic Japanese cooking. Beef tataki or "bashed beef" is thin, carpaccio-style - but it doesn't need any brutal treatment.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed Sep 16 07:43:00 EST 2015

Singapore chilli crab

Singaporean soul food: Chilli crab.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a hotter food scene in the world than what's going on in Singapore at the moment and if you really want to know what really makes its food tick, head to its hawker...

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed Aug 05 07:18:24 EST 2015

Economy fried noodles

Economy fried noodles.

You might not even have heard of these before, but thousands of Singaporeans start their day just like this.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Aug 03 13:28:29 EST 2015

Gin and oregano lamb leg with roasted lettuce

Gin and oregano lamb leg with roasted lettuce.

This is my favourite way to roast lamb. The brine/marinade (prepare the day before cooking) adds a huge amount of flavour and the sweetness of the apple gives the lamb a lovely caremelised coating.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Jul 27 12:20:19 EST 2015

Wok-fried bavette with broccolini and oyster sauce

Bavette stir-fry with broccolini.

Beef up on a budget with bavette, an undervalued cut that's big on flavour. Sliced against the grain, bavette (or use skirt steak) is among the best meat cuts for wok-frying.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Jul 20 12:39:04 EST 2015

Firewater brisket

Spicy firewater brisket.

As beef prices continue to rise, getting meat on the table for a family dinner can seem like an expensive exercise. Brisket is at its best cooked low and slow.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Jul 20 12:39:02 EST 2015

Roasted tri-tip with coriander chimichurri

Barbecued tri-tip with coriander chimichurri.

On a budget? Look past the big-ticket sirloin or rib-eye. Cut from the bottom of the sirloin, tri-tip is one of the tastiest, most undervalued cuts going around.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Jul 20 12:38:59 EST 2015

Chicken roasted on kimchi and potatoes

Chicken roasted on kimchi and potatoes.

This chicken dish is more about the potatoes than the bird itself. The kimchi soaks up the juices and oils of the chicken and brings a kick of heat to crispy, roast potatoes.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Tue Jul 14 14:55:57 EST 2015

Flat-roast chicken with pickled grapes and polenta

Winter is the perfect time to give your classic roast a modern twist. The creamy polenta makes a great change from ordinary mashed spuds, and the peppery pickled grapes tie everything together.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Jul 13 16:40:45 EST 2015

Roasted chicken Marylands with chilli and honey

This buttery, spicy chicken dinner is perfect for feeding a family on a cold winter’s night. If you prefer a more mild version just subsitute half the chilli sauce with tomato sauce.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Fri Jul 10 08:05:29 EST 2015

Wok-fried pork belly and mushrooms

Adam Liaw's wok-fried pork belly and mushrooms.

Pork belly is a very versatile cut of meat. It’s just at home in a wok as it is roasted or slow-cooked for hours.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Fri Jul 03 10:52:13 EST 2015

Garlic and black pepper beef

Garlic and black pepper beef.

Beef, garlic and pepper go fantastically together in any cuisine. The garlic and pepper sauce in this weeknight stir-fry does double duty both as a meat marinade and as a sauce for the finished dish.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed Jul 01 10:24:58 EST 2015

Bananas in coconut milk

Asian cuisine is full of delicious sweets, but they're more often eaten as snacks during the day, rather than as a final course at dinner.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Jun 15 14:24:51 EST 2015

Fried ice-cream

Fried ice cream.

Fried ice-cream might not be the most traditional of Asian dishes – you won't find it anywhere in China – but Chinese restaurants here in Australia have made it their own.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Jun 15 14:24:53 EST 2015

Korean chilli braised beef with sweet potato

This hot and sweet Korean-style beef dish is a change-up to your standard winter one-pot wonder. Korean chilli paste (gochujang) and Korean chilli powder are available from Asian grocers.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed Jun 03 09:57:52 EST 2015

Hainanese curry rice

Riffing off Japanese-English curries, Hainanese cooks in Singapore after World War II created one of the most unlikely curries ever to develop.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Tue May 19 15:28:12 EST 2015

Hokkaido soup curry

Curry came to Japan via tins of English vindaloo, and today on the mainland it's made like a French-style veloute from a roux and stock.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Tue May 19 15:14:27 EST 2015

Adam Liaw's unconventional curries from Singapore and Japan

Hainanese cooks in Singapore and enterprising chefs from the Japanese island of Hokkaido have come up with unique riffs on the curry theme.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Tue May 19 00:00:00 EST 2015

Wok-fried chicken with ginger, coriander and spring onion

Ginger, coriander and spring onion are a classic combination in Chinese cooking. Often served with fish, this simple family chicken dish is ready in minutes.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed May 06 13:21:27 EST 2015