Frank Camorra

Frank Camorra


Barcelona born Frank Camorra is chef and co-owner of MoVida Sydney and Melbourne's MoVida Bar De Tapas.

Beans with crisp eschallots and mozzarella

Beans with crisp eschallots and buffalo mozzarella.

Making your own crisp eschallots takes a bit of practice - it's all about the timing of when to remove them from the hot oil. Once you master it, it's a cinch.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Feb 09 09:58:17 EST 2016

Wet-roasted chicken with carrots and sherry

Roast chicken seems a simple dish but it's trickier than it looks. The timing has to be right so it's not under or overdone and the meat stays moist.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Feb 09 09:45:47 EST 2016

Sweet and sour duck salad with plums and almonds

This substantial salad is delicious and easy to put together. I have a few rules for salads. Mine need a dressing with some kick, fragrant herbs or spices, and a crunchy element such as toasted nuts...

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Feb 02 09:35:02 EST 2016

Bread and butter pudding

Consider this bread and butter pudding a basic model. Add your own touches, such as spoonfuls of your favourite jam between the layers, or swapping the bread for croissants – just don't bother...

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Feb 02 09:28:26 EST 2016

Sago with caramel plums

Sago, a form of starch extracted from tropical palm trees, has a reputation for being dull and stodgy. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Feb 02 09:23:18 EST 2016

Thai rare beef salad

Warm or cold, salads are a fantastic light meal but can become something more substantial with the addition of protein. Thai beef salad is a favourite, the one I often take to a friend's place.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Feb 01 13:13:14 EST 2016

Split pea dip

Split pea dip can also be warmed up and used as a side dish with grilled fish or barbecued pork sausages.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Jan 19 12:02:30 EST 2016

Beetroot, almond and shanklish dip

This beetroot dip has a deep earthy flavour because of the way the beetroot are cooked: wrapped tightly in foil and baked to retain the natural sugars.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Jan 19 11:52:11 EST 2016

Tuna sashimi with avocado and ponzu dressing

Tuna has been one of my favourite seafoods this season, especially when combined with a citrus-flavoured, soy-based ponzu sauce.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Jan 12 10:35:47 EST 2016

Prawn escabeche rolls

Prawn escabeche rolls

I have been making chicken escabeche for a while now and thought, what else could I put in this flavoursome dressing? When I saw the incredible prawns at the market my mind was made up – all I had to...

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Jan 11 10:26:32 EST 2016

Chilled lemon-scented chocolate pots

Chocolate pots served with orange madeleines.

Desserts can be technical and fiddly and use every bowl and spoon in your kitchen, or they can be simple and stress-free.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Dec 21 15:52:18 EST 2015

Orange madeleines

Orange madeleines.

You will need to make the mixture ahead as it needs chilling in the fridge for 1-2 hours before baking.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Mon Dec 21 15:52:20 EST 2015

Smoky eggplant with tonkatsu sauce

The eggplants in this dish are roasted whole on the barbecue, imparting a lovely smoky flavour; if eggplant is not your thing, try using large flat mushrooms.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Dec 15 14:03:59 EST 2015

Zucchini with lime, pecorino and crisp tortillas

Finely sliced zucchini star in this simple salad. The crisp tortillas and toasted sunflower seeds give the salad a unique crunch.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Dec 15 11:34:33 EST 2015

Pain d'epice waffles

Pain d'epice waffles

These fragrant, spicy waffles are one of my better breakfast experiments, but you do need a waffle iron.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Dec 01 12:02:51 EST 2015

Baked spinach eggs

Baked spinach eggs

It's easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the first meal of the day, but I like to keep breakfast interesting.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Dec 01 11:45:39 EST 2015

Barbecued calamari, manzanillo olives and macaroni salad

Barbecued calamari

The barbecue brings added flavour to the calamari in this quickly assembled dish. Ideally, it's best to cook the pasta and let it cool without putting it in the fridge.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Nov 24 11:24:30 EST 2015

Salmon, radish and gnocchetti pasta salad

Poached salmon pasta salad is a lovely option for the warmer months.

A meal in themselves, pasta salads are endlessly versatile with a minimum of slaving over a hot stove.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Nov 24 11:00:10 EST 2015

Kipfler potatoes with lemon and horseradish

Horseradish and lemon bring zing to the humble potato salad. By adding salmon gravlax or smoked trout, it becomes a tasty meal.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Nov 17 11:17:02 EST 2015

Almond cake with lemon curd

This almond cake is easy to make and always moist and delicious. You can substitute ingredients to make it your own, adding spices such as cinnamon or clove, or different ground nuts such as roasted...

Cook | Frank Camorra | Tue Nov 17 11:06:55 EST 2015