Neil Perry

Neil Perry

Chef and Good Weekend columnist

Roast chicken with lemon, herbs and creme fraiche

Roast chicken with lemon, herbs and creme fraiche.

This is a really simple roast chicken with some lovely light flavours. It's important to rest the chicken (see note in method).

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 26 14:32:45 EST 2016

Chestnuts, speck and brussel sprouts

Chestntuts, speck and brussels sprouts.

This makes a great side to a chicken main or roast. If you aren't a sprout lover, try the same recipe with green beans; it's awesome, like anything with bacon.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 26 14:32:25 EST 2016

Good Food: Neil Perry's roast chicken with lemon, herbs and creme fraiche

This simple roast chicken has lovely light flavours and goes beautifully with the accompanying brussels sprouts.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 26 09:45:00 EST 2016

Date and hazelnut cake with crumble

The date and hazelnut dessert lends a cosy vibe to any cool evening in. I like whipped single cream with the cake, but a rich vanilla ice-cream is pretty good as well.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 25 14:07:00 EST 2016

Slow-cooked lamb with tahini yoghurt

This marinated, slow-cooked lamb shoulder satisfies the hordes and beautifies the table. This is a really tasty way to cook lamb shoulder so that it falls off the bone.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 25 13:51:57 EST 2016

Braised chicken with lemon, oregano and olives

This lovely braised chicken dish gets its zest from slowly simmered lemon. It also works well with sauteed fish such as whiting or snapper fillets, browned during cooking to give them a nice crust.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 19 13:04:38 EST 2016

Pumpkin, rice and dill filo pie

Pumpkin, rice and dill filo pie.

Time for an orange crush with this filo pie, layered richly with pumpkin and carrots. Serve with a green salad for a simple dinner or lunch.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 18 14:28:50 EST 2016

Ginger pots with pears and pistachio

This lovely, warmly spiced dessert makes a perfect finish to an Asian-style banquet. It's worth buying an oven thermometer for this style of baked custard to check if your oven temperature is true.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 11 12:58:51 EST 2016

Sri Lankan chicken curry

Sri Lankan chicken curry.

This is a delicious curry is a festival of flavour and once you gather the ingredients together it's really simple. Prawns or white-fleshed fish are good substitutes for the chicken.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 11 12:58:33 EST 2016

Cold shredded potato salad with coriander dressing

The potato salad is designed to be shared. Make sure you use a waxy variety of potato such as kipfler, nadine or bintje.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 05 17:06:52 EST 2016

Stir-fried snapper, shiitake, pancetta and bamboo shoots

Stir-fried snapper with shiitake, pancetta and bamboo

This stir-fry is lovely, just be careful not to overcook the fish. I use Yunnan ham, but it can be hard to find. Any smoky cured ham such as pancetta, prosciutto or speck will work.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 05 17:01:05 EST 2016

Salad of radicchio with anchovy dressing and toasted breadcrumbs

This makes a fresh, tasty, crunchy great side to a roast dinner. Alternatively, you could turn the salad into a main meal by adding some chopped hard-boiled eggs.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 29 13:44:07 EST 2016

Roast pork with mustard cream sauce

Roast pork with mustard cream.

The great thing about pork shoulder is that it has more fat and connective tissue than, say, a loin, and is therefore much easier to cook without fear of it drying out.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 29 13:34:44 EST 2016

Seafood pie with potato crust

Seafood pie with potato crust.

This offering is simple, but sustaining. You can make it lighter if you cover the top with a store-bought puff pastry lid instead of potato. Make sure you egg-wash the top so it goes golden brown.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 29 12:29:08 EST 2016

Hot cross bun and butter pudding with apples and spice

Hot cross bun pudding with apple.

A great way to use up any leftover hot cross buns during Easter. If you're not yet sick of chocolate, add some dark chocolate buttons when layering the pudding.

Cook | Neil Perry | Fri Mar 25 16:41:06 EST 2016

Korean slow-cooked pork belly wraps

DIY dining: Korean pork belly ssam.

These delicious wraps are great for dinner-time get-togethers. Serve with rice, sauces, vegetable accompaniments and lettuce leaves and encourage guests to make their own wraps at the table.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 22 15:49:00 EST 2016

Fried chicken wings with honey and sesame glaze

Chicken wings.

Chicken wings glazed with honey and sesame will disappear before your very eyes. Soaking the chicken wings in brine first helps to keep the meat moist, tender and full of flavour.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 22 13:57:49 EST 2016

Plum and hazelnut tart

Early Autumn is the perfect time of year to celebrate sweet treats with a decadent, nutty plum tart.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 15 14:35:32 EST 2016

Roast lamb rack with peperonata

It's the season to start thinking about roasting meat, and what better way to begin than with a luscious lamb rack? Peperonata is great with any barbecued or roasted meat, poultry or fish.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 15 14:30:29 EST 2016

Chicken 'risotto' with lemon-caper sauce

'Risotto' with chicken, lemon and capers.

It's all about good company: lemon and capers bring a new dimension to this chicken dish. The name "risotto" here is just a play on how the dish finally looks - the orzo pasta looks like rice.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Mar 08 14:21:32 EST 2016