Recipes from In the Kitchen, by Simmone Logue

Legendary caterer and food wholesaler Simmone Logue shares fresh and easy recipes perfect for a Mother's Day breakfast.

Cook | Simmone Logue | Sat Apr 30 23:45:00 EST 2016

Weekly meal planner

Mujudara with smoked trout and dill

Home-style cooking features this week; a spicy rice dish topped with fish or meat and a chicken-pasta dish with a difference.

Cook | | Wed Apr 27 13:27:57 EST 2016

My Kitchen Rules winners Tasia and Gracia share their secret two-minute noodle recipe

My Kitchen Rules winners Tasia and Gracia Seger reveal their surefire recipes.

The reality TV show winners on a surefire recipe - that they didn't cook on the show.

Cook | Nedahl Stelio | Wed Apr 27 13:19:24 EST 2016

Roast chicken with lemon, herbs and creme fraiche

Roast chicken with lemon, herbs and creme fraiche.

This is a really simple roast chicken with some lovely light flavours. It's important to rest the chicken (see note in method).

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 26 14:32:45 EST 2016

Chestnuts, speck and brussel sprouts

Chestntuts, speck and brussels sprouts.

This makes a great side to a chicken main or roast. If you aren't a sprout lover, try the same recipe with green beans; it's awesome, like anything with bacon.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 26 14:32:25 EST 2016

Sadhana Kitchen's key lime pie recipe

The key lime pie from The Naked Vegan cookbook.

You don't need egg yolks and condensed milk to make key lime pie. Try this raw vegan version of the classic American dessert, created by Sydney's Sadhana Kitchen.

Cook | Maz Valcorza | Tue Apr 26 10:06:55 EST 2016

Good Food: Neil Perry's roast chicken with lemon, herbs and creme fraiche

This simple roast chicken has lovely light flavours and goes beautifully with the accompanying brussels sprouts.

Cook | Neil Perry | Tue Apr 26 09:45:00 EST 2016

Kitchen spy: Rohan Anderson reveals what's inside his home

Grow it, find it, catch it, cook it: Rohan Anderson's country kitchen is testament to his commitment to living a healthy and delicious life direct from the land.

Good Food,Cook | Peter Barrett | Tue Apr 26 09:30:00 EST 2016

Ten must-have cookbooks for vegetarians (and their friends)

Chickpeas, creamy yoghurt, tahini garlic and roasted almonds from Moroccan Soup Bar.

Gone are the days when vegetarians and vegans were left with a bowl of salad at dinner parties. Now they're getting the lion's share of the best food and the most beautiful new cookbooks.

Cook | Ronnie Scott | Tue Apr 26 09:15:00 EST 2016

Inside the kitchen of Rohan Anderson

Author and real foods campaigner Rohan Anderson in his kitchen.

Inside the home of author and food campaigner Rohan Anderson.

Cook | | Mon Apr 25 15:22:29 EST 2016

Date and hazelnut cake with crumble

The date and hazelnut dessert lends a cosy vibe to any cool evening in. I like whipped single cream with the cake, but a rich vanilla ice-cream is pretty good as well.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 25 14:07:00 EST 2016

Slow-cooked lamb with tahini yoghurt

This marinated, slow-cooked lamb shoulder satisfies the hordes and beautifies the table. This is a really tasty way to cook lamb shoulder so that it falls off the bone.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Apr 25 13:51:57 EST 2016

Salmon salad with green tahini dressing

Salmon salad with green tahini dressing.

You have to love a recipe when you look down the list of ingredients and everything is good for you.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Apr 25 13:28:32 EST 2016

Greek Easter: Recipes for thiples and lemon-yoghurt cake

Thiples are served at Easter.

Get your sweet Greek on this Sunday for Greek Easter with two delicious recipes from Kathy Tsaples.

Cook | Kathy Tsaples | Mon Apr 25 12:47:56 EST 2016

Spaghetti with zucchini and spinach

Our parents told us to eat more greens. Our teachers told us, too. Nutritionists have been saying it for years. Heck, even Popeye got in on the act.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Mon Apr 25 10:38:37 EST 2016

Brain food: honey in Anzac biscuits, slow-roasting lamb and preparing kale

Anzac biscuits made with honey will keep longer, but will not officially be regarded as Anzac biscuits.

Answering your vexing culinary questions.

Cook | Richard Cornish | Mon Apr 25 00:15:00 EST 2016

Inside Esther Gallant's garden in Cook

In the garden of Professor Esther Gallant, a biologist at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, experiments are undertaken with a professional and creative focus.

Cook | Susan Parsons | Thu Apr 21 14:52:13 EST 2016

Sago, melon and coconut soup

I'm not much a fan of sweet soups – they always taste a bit like fruit juice or melted ice blocks to me. This is one shining exception.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed Apr 20 17:39:08 EST 2016

Weekly meal planner

Beef stroganoff.

Variety is the spice of life so enjoy old-school classics like simple beef stroganoff, a family-friendly chicken roast and add in some more contemporary dishes like salmon with sumac and a minty...

Cook | | Wed Apr 20 13:10:42 EST 2016

Superior pork belly soup

Adam Liaw's favourite pork belly soup.

If you think of soup as just a warm-up to the main event, think again. A warm, hearty soup doesn't need to be full of cream or starchy vegetables.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Tue Apr 19 14:55:40 EST 2016