Hot food: Crumpets

Fancy a bit of crumpet? Of course you do.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Fri Dec 25 09:15:00 EST 2015

Lamington cakes with quince

There's nothing like a small baked treat with a delicious twist to improve any occasion. I love a good lamington, and my favourite condiment is quince paste.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Wed Jul 01 17:03:07 EST 2015

Ginger cake with lemon and pistachio icing

Some spices work harder than others, sharing their charms across main course and dessert. Here, ginger takes the cake.

Cook | Neil Perry | Wed Jul 01 17:03:46 EST 2015

Smoked eggplant and potato soup with kefalograviera

The subtle smokiness of this rich and velvety soup is a quite unexpected flavour, but such a great companion to the eggplant, potato and salty cheese.

Cook | Karen Martini | Wed Jul 01 17:01:35 EST 2015

Quick one-pot mango chutney

One-pot mango chutney.

For those times when you quickly want a jar of chutney but don't want to buy it ready-made.

Cook | Dan Lepard | Wed Jul 01 17:01:09 EST 2015

Three-herb labna

Three-herb labne.

Intense with fresh herbs, perfect to calm the heat from my lamb and pistachio sausage rolls. You could also serve this creamy side with any Middle Eastern style main.

Cook | Dan Lepard | Wed Jul 01 17:00:27 EST 2015

Lamb pistachio sausage rolls

Lamb pistachio sausage rolls with turmeric pastry.

The filling of these sausage rolls is reminiscent of a Lebanese kofta, but with a more intense flavour, wrapped in a spiced turmeric rough puff pastry that bakes to a vibrant gold colour.

Cook | Dan Lepard | Wed Jul 01 16:59:59 EST 2015

Mandarin and polenta cakes

Mandarin and polenta cakes.

Small cakes are incredibly versatile: they can be a bit of fun for morning tea or an elegant dessert with ice-cream or a zesty lemon curd.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Wed Jul 01 15:52:33 EST 2015

Garlic and black pepper beef

Beef, garlic and pepper go fantastically together in any cuisine. The garlic and pepper sauce in this weeknight stir-fry does double duty both as a meat marinade and as a sauce for the finished dish.

Cook | Adam Liaw | Wed Jul 01 10:24:58 EST 2015

Roasted rack of lamb with charred eggplant puree, couscous, yogurt and capsicums

Roast rack of lamb with charred eggplant, couscous and yoghurt.

Ananas Bar & Brasserie chef Neil Martin shares a recipe for a special occassion.

Cook | Neil Martin | Wed Jul 01 08:29:03 EST 2015

Bryan Martin's rabbit paella with chorizo and morcilla twist

Rabbit paella.

Researching a toy drone as a present for his son inspires Bryan Martin's rabbit paella recipe.

Cook | Bryan Martin | Tue Jun 30 23:45:00 EST 2015

Is rice syrup healthier than white sugar?

The colour of an egg yolk is not necessarily an indication of the quality of the egg and how the chicken is raised.

With a swathe of recipe books calling for white sugar substitutes we decided to ask the experts.

Cook | Richard Cornish | Tue Jun 30 00:15:00 EST 2015

Slow-cooker recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Use the slow cooker or the stovetop for this crowd-pleaser, chilli con carne.

From porridge to chilli con carne, there are plenty of ways to use a slow cooker this winter.

Cook | Olivia Andrews | Tue Jun 30 00:15:00 EST 2015

Oven-baked tandoori chicken with mint and coriander relish

Tandoori chicken with mint and coriander relish.

You can use any part of the chicken - breast, thigh or drumstick, but I think the thighs have the best flavour. For best results, marinate overnight before cooking.

Cook | Neil Perry | Mon Jun 29 10:13:22 EST 2015

Win a slow-cooker recipe book: Competition terms and conditions

Whole Food, Slow cooked by Olivia Andrews.

Win one of five copies of Olivia Andrews' 'Whole Foods Slow Cooked', released by Murdoch Books, July 2015, $35. Simple visit the Good Food Facebook page for your chance to win (www.facebook.

Cook | | Fri Jun 26 14:38:19 EST 2015

Weekly meal planner

Roman lamb stew.

Celebrate citrus in simple mid-week dinners and gather family for a warming lamb stew.

Cook | | Fri Jun 26 13:28:17 EST 2015

Strategies for solving dinner party dietary dilemmas

Caprese-filled vol-au-vents are a suggested  vegetarian option.

These days, it's common to host a dinner party where you find that one person's a vegan, a second eats gluten-free and the third is allergic to nuts.

Cook | Megan McArdle | Wed Jun 24 16:56:42 EST 2015

Take the Venn diagram approach to dinner party menus

Taking the Venn diagram approach to dinner party menus.

When maths and the paleo diet combine.

Cook | Callan Boys | Wed Jun 24 14:35:05 EST 2015

Roasted pumpkin and walnut dip

Pumpkin is probably most commonly associated with sweets in Turkey, but its sweet richness coupled with tahini, walnuts and the tang of lemon juice and pomegranate molasses makes a delicious savoury...

Cook | Karen Martini | Wed Jun 24 11:37:06 EST 2015

Bryan Martin: How to cook a roast chicken like Heston Blumenthal

For the best roast chicken, Bryan Martin believes Heston Blumenthal's soak-in-brine technique is perfect.

Cook | Bryan Martin | Tue Jun 23 23:45:00 EST 2015