Hot food: Crumpets

Fancy a bit of crumpet? Of course you do.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Fri Dec 25 09:15:00 EST 2015

Recipes from Food + Beer, by Ross Dobson

Here is a selection international dishes to enjoy with a cold one, from best-selling chef and author Ross Dobson.

Cook | | Sat Aug 29 23:45:00 EST 2015

Smash hits: Best mash recipes

Smashin' good times: Guacamole.

Smash 'em, mash 'em or 'crush em - from mashed potato cakes to zesty smashed salads and crushed sweet praline, you'll keep the hordes happy with these smash-happy recipe hits.

Cook | | Fri Aug 28 16:32:26 EST 2015

Weekly meal planner

Baked eggs with spicy sausage.

Weekend feasting of hearty chicken and seasonal vegies and a spicy egg and sausage number for the working week.

Cook | | Fri Aug 28 15:31:17 EST 2015

Miguel Maestre's perfect paella

Chef Miguel Maestre is trying to teach Australians how to make paella.

Chef Miguel Maestre shows how to perfect Spanish paella.

Cook | Carla Grossetti | Thu Aug 27 10:59:22 EST 2015

Pan-fried snapper marinated in harissa

Harissa is a Tunisian/Moroccan chilli paste that can be as simple as dried chillies, spices (including cumin or coriander seeds), garlic and olive oil.

Cook | Neil Perry | Thu Aug 27 09:15:32 EST 2015

Smoked ham hock and lentil soup with parsley and poached eggs

This version of ham hock and split pea soup switches the legumes to lentils, which are such a harmonious match with smoked hock meat, and I've also added some poached eggs, which I love with braised...

Cook | Karen Martini | Wed Aug 26 08:42:51 EST 2015

Inside Natalie Barr's kitchen

Natalie Anne Barr journalist, news and television presenter, currently news presenter on the Seven Network's <i>Sunrise</i> and presenter of <i>Seven Early News</i>.

A keen baker who makes her cakes from scratch, Sunrise news presenter Natalie Barr prefers the traditional to the trend-driven and can do almost anything with mince.

Cook | Stephanie Clifford-Smith | Tue Aug 25 10:20:00 EST 2015

What to make when you 'bring a plate'

The idea is that if every person attending brings a small plate of food there will be enough to feed the entire group.

Cook | Richard Cornish | Tue Aug 25 09:15:00 EST 2015

Why dessert can be good for you

Lee Holmes' chocolatey mousse.

Sweet treats need not strain your system – in fact they can benefit gut bacteria.

Cook | Lee Holmes | Tue Aug 25 00:00:00 EST 2015

Ten Asian dishes you should master

Beef rending.

From beef rendang to char kwai teow, here are 10 dishes to tackle at home.

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 17:06:19 EST 2015

Fu yu ong choy (stir-fried water spinach with preserved beancurd)

Stir-fried water spinach with preserved beancurd.

This quick and easy vegetable dish is a favourite in many parts of Asia. Some countries add fish sauce, others add a spice paste made with belachan (shrimp paste), chillies and shallots, while the...

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 17:06:15 EST 2015

Char siu (Cantonese barbecue pork)

Red fermented beancurd is the secret ingredient for this Cantonese barbecue pork, which should be basted while it is roasting. Long marination yields the best flavour.

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 16:45:16 EST 2015

Braised fish Shanghai-style or red-cooked fish

Red-cooking is a Chinese method of braising with soy sauce and sugar from the Shanghai region to produce savoury dishes with a rich mahogany hue.

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 16:43:59 EST 2015

Thai red duck curry

Red curry paste combines beautifully with Chinese roast duck.

Making a spice paste is a breeze with a food processor or blender. Red curry paste combines beautifully with Chinese roast duck.

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 16:42:56 EST 2015

Beef rendang

Patience is the key to a good beef rendang.

The best cut for this magnificent dish is oyster blade or stewing steak. Fresh spices are the cornerstone of all great Indonesian and Malaysian cooking an authentic rendang must be dry because the...

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 16:42:24 EST 2015

Kitchen Spy with Natalie Barr

Natalie Anne Barr journalist, news and television presenter, currently news presenter on the Seven Network's <i>Sunrise</i> and presenter of <i>Seven Early News</i>.

Inside the Sydney kitchen of Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr.

Cook | | Mon Aug 24 15:54:25 EST 2015

Char kwai teow (stir-fry flat rice noodles)

Char kwai teow by Tony Tan.

Have all your ingredients ready and this popular street food from Singapore and Malaysia is a cinch to make.

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 14:31:40 EST 2015

Vietnamese green papaya salad

Papaya salad by Tony Tan.

More delicate than the Thai version, this fresh, tangy salad is packed with herbs and is easy to make. It's crunchy with lots of texture and is great with grilled beef and barbecued chicken.

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 14:03:42 EST 2015

Asam udang (tamarind prawns)

Tamarind prawns (asam udang) by Tony Tan.

This dish teaches you that Nonya (also spelt Nyonya) cooking is delicious and deep-frying prawns in a wok is much easier than in a saucepan; to be brave with all that sizzling and spitting when the...

Cook | Tony Tan | Mon Aug 24 14:01:16 EST 2015