Mr Wilkinson's Fresh Talk

Mr Wilkinson's fresh talk


By Matt Wilkinson

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Chef and keen gardener Matt Wilkinson shares his inspiration and how-to tips for produce-driven, seasonal food. He is the co-owner of Pope Joan, the Bishop of Ostia and Spud Bar in Melbourne and released his first cookbook in March 2012 Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables.

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A farewell to summer

Winded cucumber cocktail.

Take your green tomatoes and humble cucumbers to new heights.

Drink,Cook | Mr Wilkinson's fresh talk | Thu Mar 21 09:00:20 EST 2013

Yearning for yabbies

Matt Wilkinson: Yearning for yabbies

The summer-autumn changover heralds the start of the yabby season.

Cook | Mr Wilkinson's fresh talk | Thu Feb 28 12:05:40 EST 2013

Food you can get messy with

Matt Wilkinson's poached/baked peaches with marscapone mousse.

Vegetarians, read no further. There are some fruits that should be eaten just like a lamb chop and there's no time like summer to appreciate what I'm talking about.

Cook | Mr Wilkinson's fresh talk | Thu Jan 10 11:31:00 EST 2013

Cooking with loquats


Matt Wilkinson from Melbourne's Pope Joan cafe tackles an abundant, but mysterious fruit and finds success with a new recipe for his repertoire.

Cook | Mr Wilkinson's fresh talk | Tue Dec 04 09:56:40 EST 2012