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Chalk and cheese


If you're in the mood for pizza there is a sliding scale of how desperate you are, which is the inverse of the quality of the result.

Cook | Paddock to plate | Wed Feb 12 00:01:00 EST 2014

Espana, por flavour


Reliving travel experiences through food keeps the memories and the travel bug alive, writes Debbie Skelton.

Cook | Debbie Skelton | Wed Feb 12 00:01:00 EST 2014

So hot right now: A guide to cult condiments

A squiggle of French's mustard on a classic hot dog.

Sriracha, Kewpie, HP, French's mustard: here's a guide to some of our favourite cult condiments.

Cook | Annabel Smith | Wed Feb 12 00:00:30 EST 2014

Native pepperberry steak

Spice up your food the Australian way.

Native pepper berries have a sharp bite that peps up a pepper steak perfectly. Team with warrigal greens, samphire, sea succulents such as karkalla, or watercress.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 11 08:58:41 EST 2014

Do you need to cream butter and sugar when making a cake?

Sponge cake.

The magic of baking, for most cakes, happens when the gases trapped inside the batter expand during heating in the oven.

Cook | Brain food | Tue Feb 11 03:00:00 EST 2014

Zucchini flowers

Zucchini flowers with mozzarella and anchovy.

Zucchini blossoms are versatile, easy to prepare and a real summer treat.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 11 03:00:00 EST 2014

Dressed to thrill: Summer fruit recipes

Karen Martini's summer fruit pavlova.

With all that flavour and natural sweetness, fruit can easily handle a bit of intervention and even a bit of competition.

Cook | Karen Martini | Tue Feb 11 03:00:00 EST 2014

Sour taste leaves good gut feeling

Sandor Katz

'Fermentation revivalist'' Sandor Katz isn't a traditional celebrity cookbook chef.

Cook | Katie Falkiner | Tue Feb 11 03:00:00 EST 2014

Hot food: Zucchini flowers

Fried zuccchini flowers.

Zucchini flowers can be stuffed and steamed, deep-fried, baked or used in fritters and omelettes.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 11 03:00:00 EST 2014

17 essential ingredients

Neil Perry's pomegranate glazed chicken with herb pilaf.

These are the items to have on your shopping list in 2014.

Top 10 Cook,Cook | Jane Ormond | Tue Feb 11 03:00:00 EST 2014

Fresh now


Fat and dark, long and violet, round and white, egg-shaped and striped – all shapes and colours of eggplant are in season now.

Cook | Robin Powell | Mon Feb 10 23:13:16 EST 2014

Twilight barbecue: chicken breast with sauce vierge

Barbecued chicken breast with sauce vierge and potato puree.

At your next evening barbecue, let tomato, fresh garden herbs and velvety potato take chicken to a new taste dimension.

Cook | Neil Perry | Sat Feb 08 04:00:01 EST 2014

Roll play: Frank Camorra's summer sandwiches

Frank Camorra's roast pork bun with pickled ginger and Asian slaw.

I love a good sandwich and have done since I was very young. The term ''dude food'' confuses me - people have been ordering the calamari boccadillos at MoVida in Surry Hills and calling them sliders.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Sat Feb 08 03:00:00 EST 2014

My favourite sword


I can't do this any more. This thing I find in the knife drawer at our apartment is struggling badly.

Cook | Bryan Martin | Wed Feb 05 03:00:00 EST 2014

Stefano Manfredi's Italian cooking tips

Tagliatelle bolognese.

From the secret to perfect homemade pasta to the best Bolognese ragu, chef Stefano Manfredi shares his tips.

Cook | Carla Grossetti | Tue Feb 04 18:35:02 EST 2014

Pete Evans' after-school dinner recipes

'Spaghetti' and meatballs.

If peanuts or gluten are a problem for your children - or you - there are work-arounds that are just as tasty.

Cook | Pete Evans | Tue Feb 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

How to keep fried fish crisp

Fish in beer batter

Ripping open the fish and chips parcel as soon as humanely possible is not as irrational as you might think.

Cook | Brain food | Tue Feb 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Karen Martini's Vietnamese recipes

Roast duck, pickled mushroom, beanshoot and perilla leaf rice paper rolls.

For most of my professional career my cooking has been focused on the Mediterranean, but at home I've always loved cooking with Asian flavours, especially those of China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Cook | Karen Martini | Tue Feb 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Hot Food: School prawns

Crisp-fried School Prawns.

Lightly floured and fried until crisp, school prawns can be eaten heads, tails and all.

Cook | Hot food | Tue Feb 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Freek out with freekeh

Freekeh, or green wheat grain.

Roasted green wheat from the Middle East is being hailed as a superfood, and a grain worth growing.

Cook | Richard Cornish | Tue Feb 04 03:00:00 EST 2014