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Salads to celebrate

121009 FOOD & WINE Canberra Times Photograph by Graham Tidy Story by Diana Lampe. Vegetarian Kitchen. Food and Wine Annual 2012...Vegetable Salad.

This year I offer some of my favourite salad recipes for you to make and enjoy during the summer. A few of these recipes have appeared in these pages before, while others, such as the vegetable salad...

Cook | Diana Lampe | Thu Dec 06 21:36:34 EST 2012

Celebration recipes of duck and venison

Spicy venison pie with orange and juniper for Debbie's recipe column in Food and Wine.

It's the time of year to bring out the favourite recipes, a bit of work, but worth the effort.

Good Food,Cook | Debbie Skelton | Thu Dec 06 21:12:48 EST 2012

A buttery treat

Vegetarian Kitchen. Christmas fare made by columnist Diana Lampe. Scottish shortbread. 29th October 2012 Photo: Graham Tidy.

Scottish shortbread is very easy to make, especially if you have a food processor.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Wed Dec 05 03:00:00 EST 2012

Homemade gifts

Food & Wine. Chocolate Salami Log.  11 November 2012. Photo: Jeffrey Chan.

It's such a treat seeing your hand-made gifts opened on the spot and devoured.

Cook | Debbie Skelton | Wed Dec 05 03:00:00 EST 2012

The best glam jam

Kentish cherry jam by Robbie Howard.

This is the ideal Christmas present. Of all jams, this one wins first prize for me. The tartness of the sour cherries makes the best flavour and the bright clear ruby colour looks like Christmas...

Cook | Robbie Howard | Wed Dec 05 03:00:00 EST 2012

Cooking with loquats


Matt Wilkinson from Melbourne's Pope Joan cafe tackles an abundant, but mysterious fruit and finds success with a new recipe for his repertoire.

Cook | Mr Wilkinson's fresh talk | Tue Dec 04 09:56:40 EST 2012

Karen Martini's Christmas feast

Karen Martini

From seafood to ham to drinks, Karen Martini has all your Christmas bases covered.

Cook | Karen Martini | Tue Dec 04 08:09:53 EST 2012

Corn: husk on or off?

Grilled corn cobs in the husk.

Corn cobs under plastic wrap on a polystyrene tray are on the vegetable version of death row, writes Richard Cornish

Cook | Brain food | Tue Dec 04 03:00:00 EST 2012

Setting the Christmas table

Styling: Hannah Meppem.

The tiniest detail - sprigs of herbs or a bowl of cherries, for example - can make a big impression at the festive table.

Cook | Sally Webb | Tue Dec 04 03:00:00 EST 2012

Experts' Christmas: Season's eatings

Luke Mangan's family ice-cream plum puddings.

Neil Perry, Saskia Beer, Luke Mangan and Darren Purchese's favourite Christmas recipes.

Cook | Sally Webb | Tue Dec 04 03:00:00 EST 2012

Inside Luke Mangan's kitchen

Luke Mangan.

He was a less-than-enthusiastic school student, but Luke Mangan is now something of a phenomenon.

Cook | Kitchen spy | Tue Dec 04 03:00:00 EST 2012

Herb oil

Herb oil.

Jill Dupleix on how you can add a flavour-packed new dimension to your next salad or dine-in brunch.

Cook | Hot food | Tue Dec 04 03:00:00 EST 2012

Plum luck

FOOD AND WINE  - A selection of the Austrian Xmas biscuits that Hanni Glanznig makes, The Vanillekipferl biscuit also known as Vanilla Crescent Cookies , Canberra.
22nd November 2012
Photo : Colleen Petch of the Canberra Times

In autumn this year, I bought a slice of plum cake from a stall being run by the Austrian Australian choir to raise funds for their trip to Europe next year.

Cook | Susan Parsons | Tue Dec 04 00:00:01 EST 2012

Gift guide: part three

No caption

More goodies for lucky loved ones, from hot-air-balloon ornaments to space-alien clocks.

Cook | Neil Perry | Sat Dec 01 04:00:01 EST 2012

Summer desserts

Frank Camorra's crushed berries, fromage frais and star anise meringue.

Frank Camorra makes the most of the season's first berries and mangoes.

Cook | Frank Camorra | Sat Dec 01 03:00:00 EST 2012

Can't beat it combo

apple and rosemary cake

The truth about Just Desserts is it was never meant to be a one-person job. For some time, I had the boon of a helpful and enthusiastic fellow dessert-maker in Richard McMahon.

Cook | Just desserts | Wed Nov 28 03:00:00 EST 2012

Perfect fluff piece

Cinnamon and chocolate Meringues.

My earliest memory of the coastal village where I grew up was that our local shops contained all the essentials of life.

Cook | Debbie Skelton | Wed Nov 28 03:00:00 EST 2012

Tastes of Bollywood

Bryan Martin.

So the story goes a little like this. Om Prakash, a junior actor just starting out, is in love with the lead lady, Shanti.

Cook | Paddock to plate | Wed Nov 28 03:00:00 EST 2012

Kitchen spy: Christine Manfield

Christine Manfield.

I'm cooking

Cook | Kitchen spy | Tue Nov 27 03:00:00 EST 2012

The F.A.T.

The FAT-feta, avocado, and tomato on toast.

Forget bacon and eggs, this holy trinity is taking over as a breakfast favourite.

Cook | Hot food | Tue Nov 27 03:00:00 EST 2012