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How long should I marinate a piece of meat?

Tender: Chicken in lemon marinade.

We answer your vexing culinary dilemmas.

Cook | Richard Conrish | Tue Feb 24 00:00:00 EST 2015

How to make sweet potato fries

Fry time: For a healthier version, leave the skin on, and bake instead of fry.

Sweet potato is fat-free, packed with fibre and vitamins and has a lower glycaemic index than normal potatoes.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 24 00:00:00 EST 2015

Recipes by Tracey Meharg: sticky-hot doughnuts to make at home

Croissant-doughnut bites with dulce de leche.

Espresso cream-filled doughnuts and croissant-doughnut bites with dulce de leche

Cook | | Fri Feb 20 23:45:00 EST 2015

Recipes from New feast by Greg and Lucy Malouf

New Feast is the result of Greg and Lucy Malouf's delicious new food adventure: a collection of more than 130 Middle Eastern-inspired vegetarian recipes that celebrate the freshness, flavour and...

Cook | | Thu Feb 19 15:00:00 EST 2015

Give starchy carbs the flick: Lola Berry's lunchtime wraps

Lola Berry's nori and quinoa rolls.

Gluten-intolerant or just sick of sandwiches? Here are some wholesome wrap ideas that are big on taste.

Cook | Lola Berry | Tue Feb 17 22:15:00 EST 2015

Chinese New Year recipe: Sebak kristang by Lanterne Rooms, Canberra

Sebak Kristang dish at Lanterne Rooms.

Lanterne Rooms' chef Daniel Mark shares a special Malaysian pork belly with shredded salad.

Cook | Daniel Mark | Tue Feb 17 18:00:00 EST 2015

Chinese New Year recipe: Duck buns by Eightysix, Canberra

Duck buns from Eightysix, Brad

The duck buns are among the most popular dishes at Eightysix in Braddon. Co-owner Gus Armstrong shares the recipe.

Cook | | Tue Feb 17 18:00:00 EST 2015

Kitchen Spy: winemakers Bruce and Chris Tyrrell

Bruce Tyrrell with his son Chris Tyrrell.

Bruce Tyrrell's wife, Pauline, reckons he burns the water when he makes a cup of tea so cooking's not really his thing.

Cook | Kitchen spy | Tue Feb 17 14:25:20 EST 2015

How to make Kylie Kwong's prawn wontons

Billy Kwong's prawn dumplings.

Fresh, silky prawn wontons with a Sichuan-inspired sauce.

Cook | Mary Ward | Tue Feb 17 00:00:00 EST 2015

Does honey ever go off?

It's a keeper: Honey can stay fresh for thousands of years.

What's the buzz on the keeping quality of honey?

Cook | Richard Cornish | Mon Feb 16 23:30:00 EST 2015

eat in

A perfect little treat for princesses. The princes will love these popsicles too – even if they are pink!

Cook | Pete Evans | Mon Feb 16 23:30:00 EST 2015

Bryan Martin's summer nectarine tart tatin


Nectarines are in season so here is how make a sweet tart tatin dessert from the ones you haven't eaten, writes Bryan Martin.

Cook | Paddock to plate | Mon Feb 16 11:22:57 EST 2015

A guide to sugar alternatives and recipes for sugar-free sweets

Arabella's sugar-free caramel slice: You can enjoy healthier options when it comes to snack time.

Concerns about health problems created by sugar have many people searching for alternative sweeteners.

Cook | Arabella Forge | Mon Feb 16 08:05:13 EST 2015

Why your burgers are better: gourmet burger recipes

lamb, chicken and crab all make for tasty burger fillings.

Cook | | Fri Feb 13 23:45:00 EST 2015

Diana Lampe's Kisir salad; Georgian bean salad


Here are two refreshing cold salads from Turkey and Georgia for a late-summer party.

Cook | Diana Lampe | Tue Feb 10 23:45:00 EST 2015

Hot food: Brick chicken

Flatten your chicken for juicy results.

Pollo al mattone, or brick chicken, is a traditional Tuscan method for cooking chicken on an open grill, weighted down with a brick or a stone.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 10 14:04:48 EST 2015

Karen Martini's coconut tapioca pudding with pine lime granita

This sweet, salty, light and refreshing dish can be made in advance and chilled.

Cook | Karen Martini | Tue Feb 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

How do I make light and fluffy scones?

Rising star: The secret to light scones is to avoid over-mixing.

Light and fluffy scones that pull apart to reveal layers of snowy white dough are a true joy and an art to be mastered.

Cook | Richard Cornish | Tue Feb 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

Nutritionist Lola Berry reveals her essential ingredients

Raw chocolate ganache cake.

Try incorporating these eight things into your diet for a bit of that Lola magic.

Cook | Lola Berry | Tue Feb 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

Health food: Egyptian iced tea

Cool contender: Brewtown Newtown's Egyptian iced tea.

Egyptian iced tea is shaping up as the iced tea of the summer.

Cook | Jill Dupleix | Tue Feb 10 00:00:00 EST 2015