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Quaffers: Craft brewers on rise


Quaffers: There's a growing band of brewers tapping into the craft scene.

Drink | Chris Shanahan | Tue Sep 02 23:45:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: How decaf coffee is made

D is for decaf: A Toby's Estate coffee.

Decaf? Meh, say most coffee drinkers. We want the caffeine buzz as well as the coffee flavour.

Drink | Matt Holden | Tue Sep 02 03:00:00 EST 2014

Zierholz may move to Kingston


Quaffers: Brewer Christoph Zierholz hopes to move his Fyshwick brewery and bar to Kingston.

Drink | Chris Shanahan | Tue Aug 26 23:45:00 EST 2014

A beginner's guide to wine collecting

Wine cellar

Loving wine is like loving people; there comes a time when fleeting encounters will no longer do. You want to take things to the next level.

Drink | Amy Cooper | Tue Aug 26 03:00:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: A hot chocolate - in a pod machine?

Hot chocolate.

It's easy to make hot chocolate at home. So why would you make one in a pod machine?

Drink | Matt Holden | Tue Aug 19 03:00:00 EST 2014

Restaurant wine lists too trendy


Something has gone very wrong with Australia's top restaurant wine lists. The rare and trendy dominate, with far too few Australian offerings.

Drink | Huon Hooke | Tue Aug 19 03:00:00 EST 2014

Re-corking clinics let collectors perform 'health checks' on vintage wines

Winemakers uncork the vintage bottles before giving the owner a taste and then re-corking.

More than 10,000 bottles of vintage wine will be opened, sniffed, sipped and re-corked at a series of Penfolds 're-corking' clinics.

Drink | Kim Stephens | Wed Aug 13 09:51:42 EST 2014

Quaffers: Matso's beers sampled in Broome


A trip to Kimberley revealed welcome brews that are perfect after a long dusty drive.

Drink | Chris Shanahan | Tue Aug 12 23:45:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: London coffee culture steps up a notch


London cafes have changed dramatically since the days of a white with two sugars in a Charles and Di mug.

Drink | Matt Holden | Tue Aug 12 03:00:00 EST 2014

Brown Magpie wins trophy at Boutique Wine Awards

Wine awards

Brown Magpie was the star at this year's Boutique Wine Awards, winning the trophy for ''top wine of show'' with its 2013 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Drink | Huon Hooke | Tue Aug 12 03:00:00 EST 2014

How to break a no-BYO policy


Want to take a bottle of wine to a no-BYO restaurant? That's OK - as long as you take the right approach.

Drink | Wine agony aunt | Tue Aug 05 03:00:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: Australians rescue France from terrible coffee


Surprised how bad the coffee in Paris was, a group of Aussies did something about it.

Drink | Matt Holden | Tue Aug 05 03:00:00 EST 2014

The lure of Lillet


This French aperitif wine has become something of a must-have on the shelves of discerning cocktail makers.

Drink | Michael Harden | Tue Aug 05 03:00:00 EST 2014

Beyond the pale: India Pale Ale evolves

Sign of things to come: IPA is a staple for craft brewers, including Mornington Peninsula Brewery. But it?s become a starting point for evolution.

As beer styles go, India Pale Ale is a bit of a head-scratcher. It's not from India and it's not always pale. It can be strong but it can also be session-strength.

Drink | Will Hawkes | Tue Aug 05 03:00:00 EST 2014

Australia's 10 best winemakers

Louisa Rose.

We asked 100 wine experts to decide the country's top 10 wine producers - and found a male domain has been invaded.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Aug 05 03:00:00 EST 2014

Introducing the Good Food wine partner Dan Murphy's

Wine glass and dish.

Buy wine, beer or spirits on thanks to our drinks partner, Dan Murphy's.

Drink | | Tue Aug 05 00:01:00 EST 2014

Australia exports cafe culture to NYC - and the city likes it

Customers at Bluestone Lane cafe, New York City.

The New York Times' take on the Australian cafe invasion in its city.

Drink | Oliver Strand | Wed Jul 30 11:05:20 EST 2014

Vineyard real estate: whatever it costs...

Mornington peninsula vineyards.

Vineyard-suitable land on the Mornington Peninsula is the most expensive in Australia.

Drink | Jeni Port | Tue Jul 29 03:00:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: Milan looks to Melbourne for cafe cool

Melbourne cafe style in Milan.

The Milanese have taken a leaf out of the Australian book at a place called Pavé.

Drink | Matt Holden | Tue Jul 29 03:00:00 EST 2014

Champagne region facing crisis

Facing competition: The Champagne region is looking at a new business model.

The Champagne region is facing a crisis. It must change radically to safeguard its future, according the communications director of the Comite Champagne, Thibaut Le Mailloux.

Drink | Huon Hooke | Tue Jul 29 03:00:00 EST 2014