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Penfolds Grange to be released in October instead of May

Penfolds Grange

Wine lovers are raising a glass to Penfolds' decision to bring forward the release of its latest Grange and other premium labels.

Drink | | Thu Jun 26 21:31:00 EST 2014

Jerry Schwartz's new Lovedale Brewery is a winner


Lovedale Lager wins a gong at the recent Australian International Beer Awards.

Drink | Chris Shanahan | Wed Jun 25 11:32:01 EST 2014

Should you pour wine by its base?

Like a pro: If you're comfortable pouring wine sommelier-style then go for it.

When pouring wine, is it correct to hold a wine bottle by its base with your thumb in the indentation? I see waiters do this but when I try it I'm not confident about my grip.

Drink | Wine agony aunt | Tue Jun 24 03:00:00 EST 2014

From mum's garage to the world: Toby Smith takes over

Toby Smith

Toby Smith, the man who puts the Toby in Toby's Estate, is taking on the world and winning. There are now flagship Toby's Estate cafes in New York, Singapore and the Philippines (as well as Sydney,...

Drink | Callan Boys | Tue Jun 24 03:00:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: taking the plunge with french press, press pot and plunger coffee

Plunger coffee

Plungers helped reintroduce Australians to drinking real (i.e. not instant) coffee at home.

Drink | Matt Holden | Tue Jun 24 03:00:00 EST 2014

Riverland winegrowers switch on to montepulciano

Grape vines in the Riverland region of South Australia.

Riverland winegrowers Bruce and Val Bassham are going the full monty. Montepulciano, that is. The montepulciano grape, whose home is the Abruzzo region in central eastern Italy, has taken...

Drink | Huon Hooke | Tue Jun 24 03:00:00 EST 2014

Are you a coffee snob?

A barista pours a flat white.

Are you a coffee snob?

Drink | Liam Mannix | Mon Jun 23 00:00:00 EST 2014

Winter warmers: cocktail recipes

Scorched Amaretto & Fig Sour

Try these at home, but be careful with the flaming ones.

Drink | Janelle Carrigan | Thu Jun 19 17:47:03 EST 2014

Melbourne's cocktail scene on the rise

Scorched Amaretto & Fig Sour

Ever paid $20 for a cocktail? Here's why.

Drink | Janelle Carrigan | Thu Jun 19 17:44:52 EST 2014

Can you swap bottles from the hotel minibar?

Mini bar spirits bottles

This substituting-stuff-from-the-minibar caper requires nerves of steel.

Drink | Wine agony aunt | Tue Jun 17 03:00:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: is it possible to have too many cafes?


That we have too many cafes will be news to anyone who spent the queuing for brunch.

Drink | Matt Holden | Tue Jun 17 03:00:00 EST 2014

Return of the Grasshopper: 1980s cocktails back with a vengeance

Fluffy Duck cocktail from The Underground Experiment.

Do we really need to exhume Between the Sheets, Slippery Nipple, and Sex on the Beach?

Drink | Michael Harden | Tue Jun 17 03:00:00 EST 2014

How to brew coffee at home


Melbourne's coffee tsar, Salvatore Malatesta, bubbles with enthusiasm on the subject of coffee. He's also evangelical about how best to appreciate the plethora of different flavour profiles found in...

Drink | Carla Grossetti | Tue Jun 17 03:00:00 EST 2014

Website sells wine direct from producer


A revolutionary way of buying and selling wine has been launched by the Winemakers' Federation of Australia. Wineries will be able

Drink | Huon Hooke | Tue Jun 17 03:00:00 EST 2014

BentSpoke's heady beer pour in Braddon

The desire to taste a distinctive beer, resulted in a queue outside Braddon's newest pub on opening day, writes Chris Shanahan.

Drink | Chris Shanahan | Mon Jun 16 14:31:49 EST 2014

BentSpoke opens in Braddon


Quaffers: Richard Watkins' much-loved beers are welcomed back on the market.

Drink | Chris Shanahan | Wed Jun 11 17:54:18 EST 2014

Why aren't there more half bottles of wine on the market?

Half bottle

Why do half bottles of wine cost more than half as much as whole ones?

Drink | Wine agony aunt | Tue Jun 10 03:00:00 EST 2014

Mugshot: why a communal table is the new cafe must-have

Stagger Lee's, 276 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. 
The Age/Epicure, Good Food Under $30. Picture Anu Kumar
16th April 2014 Stagger zlee's interior images. Photograph Anu Kumar May 2014

A low communal table is a space that is both intensely social and pleasantly private.

Drink | Matt Holden | Mon Jun 09 23:58:00 EST 2014

Is Australian red wine too alcoholic?

Red wine

Debate rages about the merits of high-alcohol wine and a small group of Australian producers is ignoring the pleas for lower percentages.

Drink | Jeni Port | Mon Jun 09 11:58:00 EST 2014

Beer awards provide a tasty shopping list


The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria has released the results of the 2014 Australian International Beer Awards.

Drink | Chris Shanahan | Wed Jun 04 16:59:04 EST 2014