Dani Valent

Dani Valent

Food writer and restaurant reviewer

Bar Nonno

Take a trip to Tuscany - via Northcote - at this heart-warming Italian charmer.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Mar 22 00:00:00 EST 2015

Fox in the Corn

Fettuccine carbonara with thick-cut pancetta, egg and cream.

This fox will need all his wiles to turn a cool plan into a heartfelt home of hospitality.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Mar 15 00:00:00 EST 2015

Northcote's Bar Nonno delivers modern twists on Italian favourites

Bar Nonno in Northcote.

Take a trip to Tuscany - via Northcote.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Thu Mar 12 18:53:20 EST 2015


Egg and veg: Breakfast salad with Arzak egg at Mastic.

George Calombaris' colourful wholefoods cafe serves healthy food without the high horse.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Mar 08 00:00:00 EST 2015

Il Bacaro

The roasted duck breast at Il Bacaro.

To understand the restaurant as mood piece, you couldn't do better than to lose a few hours at Il Bacaro.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Mar 01 00:00:00 EST 2015

The Fat Duck

Beach interlude: Sound of the sea is a Blumenthal signature.

There are two questions people ask about a meal at the Fat Duck. Was it amazing? And was it worth it? Yes and yes.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Feb 22 00:00:00 EST 2015

The Colonel's Son

This bayside cafe's Detox Board is a ginormous antidote to a massive night.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Feb 15 00:00:00 EST 2015


Shaved ice mountain with mango and passion milk.

Dekoboko brings a new style of Japanese restaurant to Melbourne.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Feb 08 00:00:00 EST 2015

Marquis of Lorne

Chicken schnitzel at Marquis of Lorne, Fitzroy.

A little pub in Fitzroy is starting to punch above its weight.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Feb 01 00:00:00 EST 2015

White Oaks Saloon Bar and Dining

Texas caviar salad

White Oaks is a fond butter-on-the-lens recreation of a saloon with an exuberant approach to spirits and keen southern and Tex-Mex snacks for ballast.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Jan 26 09:56:41 EST 2015


Cumin pork ribs

Nostalgia and modern sensibilities combine to produce an exciting restaurant.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Jan 19 11:58:49 EST 2015

Jardin Tan

Fish skewers on lemongrass spears.

Can the refashioned Royal Botanic Gardens' Observatory Cafe please all the people all of the time?

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Jan 11 00:00:00 EST 2015

Forest Green

Fried duck eggs

Thought, skill and quality produce are the watchwords of this innovative Armadale cafe-restaurant staffed by a fine-dining crew.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Jan 05 15:02:46 EST 2015

Pure South

Pavlova at Pure South, Southbank.

Whether you're treating yourself or bringing sightseers, you'll enjoy Melbourne hospitality with a bonus gastronomic trip to the apple isle.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Dec 29 13:39:16 EST 2014

Grand Trailer Park Taverna

The Atomic Burger at Grand Trailer Park Taverna.

This new burger joint is all about having fun with with beef, brioche and booze.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Dec 15 10:04:40 EST 2014


If you want a meal that makes you think, "Gee, what a good meal," then Squisito has it covered.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Dec 08 08:55:23 EST 2014


Colour-coordinated: Zucchini, kiwi, mint and broad bean salad.

Toorak's Townhouse cafe serves excellent cold drip coffee and classy dishes.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Dec 01 08:34:36 EST 2014


Marinated tofu and vegetable stir-fry.

The vibes are good and the vegetarian food is filling at this relaxed old factory space near St Kilda Town Hall.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Sun Nov 23 00:00:00 EST 2014


Twice-cooked chicken wings at Sezar.

Middle Eastern cuisine meets eastern Europe and the funky food culture of Melbourne at this laneway eatery.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Nov 17 08:00:22 EST 2014


Grilled sujuk with fried egg at MezMez.

Amin Elmenawi's new cafe ticks all the Melbourne musts.

Eat Out | Dani Valent | Mon Nov 10 09:09:22 EST 2014