Kylie Northover

Kylie Northover

Senior entertainment writer

Before joining The Age in 2006, Kylie worked as a writer, sub-editor and features editor at various newspapers and magazines in London. Since joining The Age she has worked as an online producer and reporter, as well as deputy editor of EG, editor of Melbourne Life and deputy Arts editor. She currently writes news and arts features.

Walk Don't Run

Walk Don't Run is achingly on-trend in the 'clean eating' genre.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Aug 01 00:00:00 EST 2015

Kirk's Wine Bar

Huevos madrilenos (baked eggs with chorizo and black pudding).

A Euro-centric breakfast menu adds class to Melbourne's Hardware Lane.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Fri Jul 17 16:20:31 EST 2015

Wolf and Hound

These toasties are not your standard throw-it-together-in-the-Breville-at-home affairs.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Jun 13 00:00:00 EST 2015

Magic Mountain Saloon

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 21:  The chicken and kaffir lime scotched egg, pork ribs and tamarind  served at  Magic Mountain Saloon in the cbd on May 21, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Pat Scala/Fairfax Media)

A central Melbourne breakfast spot for people who are sick of bacon and eggs.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Fri May 29 10:39:56 EST 2015

Hunters' Roots

Hunter's Roots cafe. Dragon Fruit smoothie bowl.

A wholefood cafe that's genuinely tasty.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Fri May 15 11:33:09 EST 2015

Crompton Coffee

Toast with hazelnut and cacao.

Seasonal toppings get star billing with a simple and stylish start to the day at this 'toast cafe'.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat May 02 00:00:00 EST 2015

Archie's All Day

Instagram star: Miso-cured salmon.

The breakfast menu at Gertrude Street's latest eatery is queue-worthy and highly Instagrammable.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Apr 18 00:00:00 EST 2015

Tadka Boom!

Spice up the start to your day in a different way at this CBD Indian cafe.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Apr 04 00:00:00 EST 2015

Best brekkie: Tadka Boom! brings true Indian flavours to Melbourne mornings

The interior of Tadka Boom.

Start the morning with a taste of India.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Fri Apr 03 23:45:00 EST 2015

Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee

Great coffee merits great food, which is kind of how Glen Huntly's hotnuts came into being.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Mar 21 00:00:00 EST 2015


From the berbere to the ful, this Ethiopian cafe offers a spicy start to the day.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Feb 14 00:00:00 EST 2015

Mama Bear

Vietnamese omelette at Mama Bear.

With all-day breakfasts and its own blend of coffee, this cafe has become a hit with the locals.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Jan 31 00:00:00 EST 2015


Ham, raclette and truffle jaffle at Luxembourg Bistro.

Andrew McConnell's sophisticated St Kilda bistro serves up luxurious French brunches.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Jan 17 00:00:00 EST 2015

5 and Dime Bagels

Genuine New York-style boiled bagels have made their way to Melbourne.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Jan 10 00:00:00 EST 2015


Hotcakes at Cornershop.

This Yarraville corner shop has a strong and loyal local following, especially for its weekend breakfasts.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Dec 20 00:00:00 EST 2014

Oasis Bakery

Breakfast gets a Middle Eastern and healthy slant at Murumbeena's now-legendary Oasis Bakery.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Dec 13 00:00:00 EST 2014

The Fair Foodstore

A cafe that ranks quality over profit margins is making a fair mark in Richmond.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Nov 29 00:00:00 EST 2014


The breakfast broth at Brothl.

Brothl's broths are based on bones and offal from some of Melbourne's top restaurants.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Nov 22 00:00:00 EST 2014


Crushed peas and broad beans, poached eggs and eggplant kasundi.

Behind a popular cafe is a social program helping homeless youths.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Nov 01 00:00:00 EST 2014


The 'Wurst breakfast' at Carolina.

This former cobbler shop is still advertising shoes in its window, but is actually a popular organic cafe.

Eat Out | Kylie Northover | Sat Oct 25 00:00:00 EST 2014