Terry Durack

Terry Durack

Chief restaurant critic for The Sydney Morning Herald

Terry Durack is the chief restaurant critic for The Sydney Morning Herald and the SMH Good Food Guide.

Long Chim

Long Chim's pad Thai.

Raw power, street food and wild flavours up the stakes for this Singapore casino restaurant that could soon come to Sydney.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Jun 30 09:50:24 EST 2015

Riley St Garage

Fish and chip tartare at Riley Street Garage.

This car-themed restaurant is driven by statement dishes that are eager to please.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Jun 23 09:12:35 EST 2015

The Emporium

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 27:  The slow cooked beef short rib at The Emporium in Parramatta on May 27, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Cole Bennetts/Fairfax Media)

This Parramatta gastrodome brings Sydney's west into a league of its own.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Jun 16 08:35:11 EST 2015


Roasted blue-eye trevalla at Regatta in Rose Bay.

The waterfront restaurant has something to whet everyone's appetite: from a burger to a Moreton Bay bug.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Jun 09 08:56:09 EST 2015


It's been Sydney's best-kept Japanese secret for more than 20 years.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Jun 02 09:07:57 EST 2015


Gnocchi with turkey.

Be quick for the 6.30pm risotto - when it's gone, it's gone.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue May 26 10:01:39 EST 2015

Barrel Bar and Dining

Fritto misto of squid, prawn, barramundi and salmon.

Three sommeliers open a wine bar on the lower north shore - what happens next?

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue May 19 14:44:23 EST 2015


150-day dry-aged beef rib on the bone.

This new wood-fired restaurant from Lennox Hastie and the Fink Group is Sydney's latest "hotspot".

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue May 12 08:00:17 EST 2015


The Argentine meatfest is one of the most exciting restaurants in Australia.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue May 05 12:20:22 EST 2015

The District food court

Go-to dish: Pepper beef from Pepper Lunch Express.

Food courts are the next big thing worldwide - but aren't those low prices creeping up a bit?

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Mon Apr 27 00:00:00 EST 2015


Beef cheek and oxtail sandwich at nel.

Even with an eight-course fixed-price menu with no choice at all, nel. is pulling in the crowds.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Apr 21 08:13:21 EST 2015


Mud crab with fresh herbs on toast.

Chef David Coumont brings a degree of professional finesse to Moxhe not often seen in a little 34-seater eastern suburbs dining room.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Apr 14 14:50:09 EST 2015

Tim Ho Wan

Spinach dumplings with shrimp at Tim Ho Wan.

Tim Ho Wan is worth a visit for the curiosity factor and the undeniable freshness of the food - but does it live up to the hype?

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Apr 07 08:32:17 EST 2015

The Gantry Restaurant & Bar

Petuna ocean trout, tamarind, warrigal greens and fennel at the Gantry Restaurant & Bar.

With Australian seafood, less is definitely more.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Mar 31 14:44:02 EST 2015

First look: Tim Ho Wan, Chatswood

Terry Durack dinkus

The cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world has rolled into Sydney. Terry Durack joins the queue on opening day.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Sun Mar 29 09:30:00 EST 2015


Bengali curry of king prawns, spinach, coconut and turmeric.

It's hooray for Bollywood, as samosas, chapatis and curries are brought back to life by a new breed of modern Indian restaurant.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Mar 24 08:12:48 EST 2015

Cafe Nice

Fillet of mullet with mussels.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. It's the perfect metaphor for a restaurant such as Cafe Nice.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Mar 17 00:00:00 EST 2015

Pilu at Freshwater

Suckling pig terrine in a chickpea focaccia.

Pilu sits very happily on the cusp of old- and new-world, looking both forward and back.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Mar 10 08:06:18 EST 2015


Spiced tofu at Tokonoma.

Tokonoma would be just the ticket, if only it provided chopstick rests.

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Mar 03 08:03:56 EST 2015

Kent Street Kitchen

Kent Street Kitchen

The well-crafted food and prime ingredients flow smoothly at this chic, luxurious "kitchen".

Eat Out | Terry Durack | Tue Feb 24 08:04:10 EST 2015