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Sydney's top side dishes

Chips at The Morrison.

Imagine a roast without the trimmings? A green curry without rice? Or, heaven forbid, a burger without fries? All gloomy prospects, to be sure. Thank goodness for the hard-working, noble side dish.

Eat Out | Callan Boys | Tue Oct 08 03:00:00 EST 2013

Hard to find cafe or bar? Show me the way!

Fat Bob's Bar and Grill.

Since the Waiters Restaurant opened in 1947 up a flight of rickety stairs in a back alley, Melbourne diners have shown that the harder a bar or cafe is to find, the harder we fall for it.

Eat Out | Roslyn Grundy | Fri Oct 04 00:00:00 EST 2013

Japanese restaurant serves up Portugese? Must be Good Food Month

Sake's kingfish jalapeno dish.

Sake's trays of delicate sashimi could soon be replaced with big hearty bowls of cozido when some of Brisbane's top Japanese chefs turns their hand to Portugese food.

Eat Out | Zoe Hinchliffe | Thu Oct 03 15:32:47 EST 2013

Canberra's Malamay restaurant looks to China's west

Food and Wine. At the Malamay restaurant, Barton. Head Chef from Chairman, Hong Kong, Kwok Keung Tung, left and Head Chef from Malamay, Jeffrey Shim Jr. October 3rd. 2013 Canberra Times photograph by Graham Tidy.

A local restaurant is pushing the frontiers of the more familiar Chinese, bringing the tastes of China's west to Canberra in a special degustation menu.

Eat Out | Kirsten Lawson | Thu Oct 03 14:37:06 EST 2013 names its Melbourne hot spots

The Age Epicure
7th August 2013
Picture by Wayne Taylor
Saint Crispin in Collingwood.
Pumpkin Pie Desert.

US-based food website Eater has released its third Melbourne Heatmap.

Eat Out | Annabel Smith | Thu Oct 03 12:05:59 EST 2013

Brisbane restaurants step back in time

Brisbane diners will get a touch of the medieval during Good Food Month.

Vintaged at The Hilton and The Euro will abandon their modern approach to food for Good Food Month.

Food News,Eat Out | Zoe Hinchliffe | Tue Oct 01 15:43:51 EST 2013

Win a private BBQ masterclass with Peter Gilmore

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Eat Out | | Tue Oct 01 13:57:36 EST 2013

Five of a kind: Sandwiches with a twist

From the artisan bread to the inventive fillings, the lunchtime staple can be a sensational flavour package.

Eat Out | Sarina Lewis | Sat Sep 28 03:00:00 EST 2013

Top restaurants catering to the family market


Not everyone wants to dine out with children. Not even, sometimes, their parents. But some restaurants are capitalising on the increasingly sophisticated taste of children - and their parents' deep...

Eat Out | Esther Han | Sat Sep 28 03:00:00 EST 2013

Quiet achiever delivers

Modern dining - loud spaces, open, smoky kitchens - Is the new scene, but I (quietly) rejoice in the atmosphere at the Lanterne Rooms.

Eat Out | Bryan Martin | Wed Sep 25 03:00:00 EST 2013

So much more than a raw deal

Cornersmith in Marickville.

From special occasion to casual brunch, there's no excuse to stray from the path of virtue with these healthy Sydney options.

Eat Out | Stephanie Clifford-Smith | Tue Sep 24 03:00:00 EST 2013

Put down that doughnut!

put down that doughnut!

From raw lasagna to quinoa, cafe dining just got healthier.

Eat Out | Simone Egger | Tue Sep 24 03:00:00 EST 2013

Simply smashing

Industry Beans' version of smashed avocado.

As the avocado season gears up, Sofia Levin studies Melbourne's smashed-avocado obsession and finds that it's easy being green.

Eat Out | Sofia Levin | Tue Sep 24 03:00:00 EST 2013

Five of a kind: Street-style snacks

Tavlin's wraps are worth crossing town for.

Street-style snacks may have their origins in hawker stalls but happily some have made the transition to permanent digs.

Eat Out | Lauren Wambach | Sat Sep 21 03:00:00 EST 2013

Sydney's best family-friendly cafes, pubs and restaurants


These eateries go above and beyond to keep the whole family happy.

Top 10 Eat Out,Eat Out | Angie Schiavone | Fri Sep 20 15:28:00 EST 2013

Five of a kind: cheeseburgers

The Beer and Burger Lounge's cheeseburger comes with a bonus onion ring.

Cheeseburgers are all about no-frills simplicity. We put five to the (taste) test.

Eat Out | Annabel Smith | Fri Sep 20 11:15:10 EST 2013

Ainslie addition

A new French cafe, themed on Brittany food, is to open in the Ainslie shops, replacing Restaurant 2602, which closes on September 28.

Eat Out | | Thu Sep 19 09:14:29 EST 2013

Warton returns

With the reopening of the Parlour Wine Room in the coming weeks, the surprise news is the former chef, Brad Warton, is back at the helm.

Eat Out | | Thu Sep 19 09:13:57 EST 2013

Star chef at Malamay

Canberra’s Chairman and Yip group is bringing the chef from its Michelin-starred Hong Kong restaurant to Canberra in October for Good Food Month degustation dinners at Malamay.

Eat Out | | Thu Sep 19 09:13:58 EST 2013

Wine, alpaca and mushrooms

The Southern Highlands holds a series of local food events over the October long weekend, including ‘‘the big alpaca barbecue cook-off’’’ at Hot Canary.

Eat Out,Food News | | Thu Sep 19 09:13:59 EST 2013