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Donovans restaurant fire damage bill climbs again

The original Donovans dining room.

The cost of returning Donovans restaurant to its former glory has blown out to nearly $2.5 million after a blaze destroyed the kitchen and parts of the dining room.

Food News | Deborah Gough | Mon Oct 06 13:57:55 EST 2014

Donovans fire damage estimate revised to $1m

Donovans fire.

The fire damage caused to St Kilda's iconic restaurant Donovans is more than double initial estimates but its owners are hoping to reopen by December.

Food News | Deborah Gough | Tue Sep 02 11:05:00 EST 2014

Donovans restaurant owners vow to quickly reopen after fire


The owners of iconic St Kilda beach restaurant Donovans have vowed to reopen quickly after a fire took out the kitchen on Sunday night.

Food News | Deborah Gough | Mon Aug 25 09:35:06 EST 2014

World's best pizza made in Melbourne


The world's best margherita pizza is made not by an Italian chef, but by a Lygon Street pizzaiolo after he was named in the World Pizza Championships in Parma, Italy.

Food News | Deborah Gough | Mon Apr 14 11:53:20 EST 2014

Coffee machine satnav considered after theft


Cafe owners are looking to satellite navigation technology to protect their coffee machines, after another expensive machine was stolen in Melbourne on the weekend.

Food News | Deborah Gough | Mon Apr 22 15:10:40 EST 2013