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Esther Han

Consumer Affairs Reporter

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Esther Han is the consumer affairs reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald. She was previously the food and wine news writer for Fairfax Media.

Laying out the facts on free-range egg prices

Paying a little more may get you free-range eggs laid by hens that can bask in the sunlight, but price is no guarantee of that.

Food News | Esther Han | Wed Jun 10 09:34:32 EST 2015

Kellogg's reveals the breakfast cereal that gets 1.5 stars

Kellog's  has relented to months of pressure to include health star ratings on its cereal products.

Cereal maker Kellogg's has finally revealed its health star ratings. So which of its breakfast foods is bottom of the class?

Food News | Esther Han | Thu Apr 23 10:10:59 EST 2015

Sydney food trucks unite to ensure they're no flash in the pan

Food truck

It's flattering; hungry masses staring at you and your truck with "dreamy eyes". But Sydney's food truckers say it is high time the relationship progressed to the next, more serious, level.

Food News | Esther Han | Sun Apr 19 16:44:00 EST 2015

No links between recalled berries and Hep A: Patties

Patties Foods says overseas testing found no links between the fruit and the disease, but the Federal Health Department says its investigation 'is ongoing'.

Food News | Esther Han | Thu Apr 16 10:00:27 EST 2015

Coca-Cola's Fairlife foray into dairy dubbed 'franken-milk'

Fairlife milk products appear on display in the dairy section of an Indianapolis grocery store.

Coca-Cola has made its first foray into the dairy market, releasing 'premiumised' milk it claims has double the protein and half the sugar of the conventional sort.

Food News | Esther Han | Thu Feb 05 14:41:20 EST 2015

Social media outrage reveals the customers always write

Cadbury Creme Eggs.

When much-loved brands decide to change their products and tweak their recipes, they run the risk of backlash from consumers who have been newly empowered by social media.

Food News | Esther Han | Mon Feb 02 09:40:23 EST 2015

Still want fries with that? Fast-food giants McDonalds and KFC reinvent themselves


Some palatable new competitors are forcing global super-brands to rethink their recipe for success.

Food News | Rachel Browne and Esther Han | Mon Jan 12 12:23:51 EST 2015

Dairy industry wants to slap sports-related health claims on milk

Drinking cows' milk after exercise instead of flashy-looking sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade is a better way to rehydrate the body, a new study shows.

Food News | Esther Han | Mon Jan 05 09:50:24 EST 2015

Animal welfare activists target Sydney's Peking duck fans

A row of glossy, freshly roasted ducks hanging by their necks in a restaurant.

Animal Liberation has launched an ad campaign in Chinatown and along George Street to expose the animal cruelty issues plaguing Australia's booming duck industry.

Food News | Esther Han | Mon Nov 03 00:15:00 EST 2014

Label My Fish calls for an overhaul of fishy seafood labelling

Frank Camorra is calling for better labelling on seafood products.

A coalition of environmental groups, restaurants and academics have joined forces to demand reforms to Australia's lax labelling laws, saying too many consumers are being led to believe their seafood...

Food News | Esther Han | Thu Oct 16 00:15:00 EST 2014

Want to really live it up? How about $70,000 on Sydney's most expensive food and drink

The crab taco at Four in Hand.

As we up our spend and hunt for save-for-a-special-occasion dishes, The Sun-Herald has rounded up Sydney's most expensive food and drink.

Food News | Esther Han | Sun Oct 05 00:15:00 EST 2014

More diners booking a table for one

Claire Press

The rise in the number of people living alone, and advances in technology, are increasingly removing the stigma of dining alone.

Food News | Esther Han | Sat Aug 09 00:01:00 EST 2014

Menulog offers vouchers to remove bad reviews


Popular Australian online takeaway service Menulog has come under fire for offering food vouchers to customers to remove negative reviews of restaurants from the internet.

Food News | Esther Han, Saffron Howden | Fri Aug 08 08:47:28 EST 2014

Sydney restaurants: Where we are happy to pay for fine dining

A dish at Guillaume at Bennelong.

Celebrated chef Guillaume Brahimi set to open a new fine dining restaurant, as new figures show patrons of premium restaurants are spending more.

Food News | Esther Han and Inga Ting | Wed Jul 30 15:01:59 EST 2014

Cook-at-home meal kits on the rise as second business enters Australian market

Michelle Honan and her husband Paul Lonergan with their sons Oliver (eldest) and Harry who subscribe to meal kit services where fresh raw ingredients are delivered weekly for their evening meals.
26th July 2014
Photo: Wolter Peeters
The Sydney Morning Herald

A booming number of families have abandoned their weekly grocery runs, instead opting for services that drop a box of recipe cards and fresh, pre-measured ingredients at their doorstep each week.

Food News | Esther Han | Sun Jul 27 00:15:00 EST 2014

'Deception': Seafood industry wants country of origin labels

Local favourite: some 60 per cent of barramundi is sourced from foreign fisheries.

A plate of crispy-skinned barramundi arrives as you enjoy the ocean view at a Sydney restaurant. The vast majority of the dining public would assume the fish was caught in Australia, but the seafood...

Food News | Esther Han | Thu Jul 03 14:22:43 EST 2014

Coles guilty over false 'freshly baked' bread claims

Coles bread

Coles has been declared guilty by the Federal Court of misleading shoppers with claims its breads and other bakery goods were 'freshly baked' when that was not the case.

Food News | Esther Han | Wed Jun 18 14:47:44 EST 2014

Woolies cancels buyers meeting with AusVeg farmers


Woolworths has cancelled a 'critically important' meeting between Australian farmers and 40 international buyers, the growers' peak body claims, in retaliation for their public protest against being...

Food News | Esther Han | Thu Jun 12 16:21:22 EST 2014

Jamie Oliver responds to protest against Woolies levy

Jamie Oliver is aware of the campaign by Australian farmers.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is aware of the storm of protest surrounding Woolworth's moves to charge farmers for its latest fresh food campaign.

Food News | Esther Han | Thu Jun 12 09:40:05 EST 2014

Aussie vegie growers beg Jamie Oliver to stop Woolies fee

Jamie Oliver in the Woolworths video.

Vegetable farmers are pleading with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to intervene in their stoush with Woolworths, which began when the supermarket firm demanded they pay an extra fee to fund a new...

Food News | Esther Han | Wed Jun 11 12:36:03 EST 2014