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Jessica Wright

Private Melbourne columnist and Fashion Writer

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Jessica Wright writes the Private Melbourne column and reports on fashion. Previously she was breaking news reporter for The Age, national political correspondent for The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age and breaking news reporter for the National Times.

Food fight : the origins of Australian cult foods up for debate

The humble meat pie.

The best way to ensure robust debate between countries is to claim ownership of a certain foodstuff.

Food News | Jessica Wright | Wed Sep 09 07:30:56 EST 2015

Melbourne's first Diner en Blanc: all white on the night

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 07:  People enjoy Diner en Blanc beside the Yarra River.

They came, dressed in white, and in their hundreds. 

Food News | Jessica Wright | Tue Mar 10 13:18:13 EST 2015

Want to eat at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck Melbourne restaurant? Fat chance ...

Heston Blumenthal.

As the saying goes in the entertainment industry: Never work with children or animals.

Food News | Jessica Wright | Mon Nov 17 16:53:34 EST 2014

Stokehouse to pop up from the ashes

The Stokehouse was razed by fire in January.

Beloved Melbourne eatery, the Stokehouse, could rise from the ashes as soon as this weekend.

Food News | Jessica Wright | Wed Feb 05 12:59:50 EST 2014

Why we're running hot for chilli

Neil Perry's Mexican salsa.

Melburnians are moving towards more traditional Mexican fare and turning to dried chillies for extra kick.

Food News | Jessica Wright | Fri Nov 08 08:51:00 EST 2013

Stripped back and strong, gin's the thing for Longroom cocktails


It's a bold statement, but Longroom bar manager Marc Frew believes "anything you can do with vodka you can do better with gin".

Drink,Food News | Jessica Wright | Wed Nov 06 09:53:00 EST 2013

Trip the green fantastic: the truth about absinthe

Sugar dissolves atop an absinthe spoon into a glass of absinthe.

Mixologist Benjamin Luzz is out to restore absinthe’s reputation and to educate the drinking public on this unique and unusual drink.

Drink,Food News | Jessica Wright | Mon Nov 04 10:03:50 EST 2013

Pawn again: the bar that sells everything

Pawn adn Co.

Two blokes walk into a bar.

Food News | Jessica Wright | Fri Aug 09 13:06:20 EST 2013