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See the light: The new chandeliers in The Tea Room at the Queen Victoria Building add to its grandeur and ''take the room to another level''.

What do chandeliers cost these days? The Tea Room at the Queen Victoria Building just found out, its newly installed lighting coming with a price tag of a bit over $900,000 according to the owner.

Admittedly the cluster of French Baccarat chandeliers is pretty spectacular, and took five days to install, but the price tag represents a lot of scones and tea.

"We really wanted to take the room to another level. When you have a 10-metre ceiling height, you want to show it off," says The Tea Room owner Manuel Spinola.

The restaurateur admits they could have purchased Czech crystal at one-quarter of the cost, "I'm told these are a better investment than property".

Spinola isn't sure if any other restaurants are splashing about that sort of money on lighting but believes a home in Point Piper also recently installed a Baccarat chandelier.

And the price to run them?

"I'm not sure, I haven't got an [electricity] bill yet," Spinola says.