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Hot stuff: Scud City Jungle Curry at Chin Chin.
Hot stuff: Scud city jungle curry at Chin Chin. Photo: Eddie Jim

Melbourne's ''It'' restaurant is bringing its act to Sydney, with plans to open Chin Chin in the harbour city next year. Next stop Brisbane.

When The Age ran a story late last year on Chin Chin, the headline read: ''Is this Melbourne's hottest restaurant?'' If you polled the hopeful diners in its Wolf of Wall Street-long queues, they would probably answer with a frustrated yes.

Chin Chin owner Chris Lucas has been spotted recently touring sites in Sydney.

Ben Cooper at Chin Chin restaurant.
Heading north: Chin Chin is bringing its Melbourne act to Sydney. Photo: Eddie Jim

''The CBD is one of our preferences. We've [seen sites in] Surry Hills, and looked at Bondi as well. Ideally, we'd like to open next year. We don't want to be too big. If we could have a Chin Chin in Sydney and one in Brisbane, we'd be more than happy,'' Lucas says.

Chin Chin would mark the next stage of the Melbourne food invasion of Sydney, previous chapters written by Icebergs' Maurice Terzini and restaurant transplants including MoVida. Lucas says there is a sound reason for targeting the city.

''One of our largest customer bases is from Sydney,'' he says.

Chin Chin will appear at Sydney's Night Noodle markets later this year. Lucas hopes to settle on a site during the visit.

''We are looking for an old building. I was surprised how many beautiful old buildings Sydney has,'' he says. And expect some imported talent. ''Everyone down here has put their hands up,'' he adds.