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By Hilary McNevin

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Hilary McNevin brings you the inside stories from Melbourne's dining scene in the column Espresso.

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Din Tai Fung to open in Melbourne

Good Foood. U$30. Din Tai Fung, Central Park, Level 2, 1 Central Park Ave. 
Steamed pork dumplings.
Photo: Edwina Pickles. 2nd July 2014.

Melburnians to get a taste of popular Taiwanese dumplings.

Food News | Espresso | Mon May 18 14:44:54 EST 2015

The Moor's Head Elsternwick closes down

Beiruti manoushe at Moor's Head, Elsternwick.

Melbourne's second Moor's Head Middle Eastern pizzeria is no more.

Food News | Espresso | Mon Apr 27 13:18:25 EST 2015

Gelato Messina set to open in Richmond

A scoop of mango gelato at Gelato Messina.

Gelato Messina's second Melbourne outlet is slated to open next month.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Apr 21 14:17:51 EST 2015

Babu Ji Indian eatery to open in New York City

Turmeric fish curry at Babu Ji, St Kilda.

Jessi and Jennifer Singh are taking their particular brand of Indian food to New York.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Apr 21 00:00:00 EST 2015

Turkish and Australian chefs team up for Malmsbury Anzac Day lunch

Turkish and Australian chefs will prepare meals to go with wine from the Gallipoli Peninsula at the Freedom and Friendship event.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Apr 14 00:00:00 EST 2015

Smith & Daughters pair to open vegan deli in Fitzroy

Mo Wyse and Shannon Martinez are set to open a Jewish American-style deli around the corner from their Latin vegan restaurant.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Apr 14 00:00:00 EST 2015

Chef Matt Stone to open Bakeshop in Brunswick

From left: Sonam Sherpa, Jo Barrett, Matt Stone and Sam King of Bakeshop.

Melbourne may have lost its only zero-waste cafe Brothl, but it's about to gain a similarly spirited Bakeshop.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Apr 07 00:00:00 EST 2015

Dig in at Daylesford Macedon Produce Harvest Festival 2015

Beet it: The Daylesford Macedon Produce Harvest Festival will be a chance to get your hands dirty.

Harvest Festival visitors are invited to pull on some sensible boots, roll up their sleeves and work with some of the Daylesford Macedon region's fine food producers.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Apr 07 00:00:00 EST 2015

Peter Gunn's Ides dinners at Persillade booked out until 2016

Gunn's Ides events are held at Persillade in East Melbourne.

Chef Peter Gunn going forward in the world S.Pellegrino Young Chef award has put the pressure on at Ides.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Apr 07 00:00:00 EST 2015

Town Mouse crew to open venue in Melbourne's CBD

Dave Verheul (left) and Christian McCabe of the Town Mouse.

The Town Mouse's frontman Christian McCabe and chef Dave Verheul are set to open a wine bar.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Mar 31 00:00:00 EST 2015

New Lune rising: Lune croissanterie moves to Fitzroy

From left: Cameron Reid, Nathan Toleman and Kate Reid.

Kate Reid's teeny 30-square croissanterie in Elwood will close mid-year, and reopen as a much bigger venue.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Mar 31 00:00:00 EST 2015

Chef Andrew McConnell to open Meatsmith boutique butcher in Collingwood

Chef Andrew McConnell (left) and butcher Troy Wheeler.

Restaurateur Andrew McConnell is branching out of the kitchen, opening a wholesale and retail speciality shop.

Food News | Espresso | Fri Mar 27 11:46:33 EST 2015

Paul Wilson turns up the heat with Lady Carolina

Ever tried Peruvian purple corn, jicama, aji chillies or prickly pears? Stay tuned.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Mar 24 00:00:00 EST 2015

Chin Chin's Chris Lucas to open Hawker Hall in Windsor

Chefs Benjamin Cooper (left) and Damian Snell look through the Hawker Hall site.

Inspired by food centres in Singapore, Chris Lucas is converting a former furniture shop into a hawker market.

Food News | Espresso | Thu Mar 19 22:50:13 EST 2015

Fitzroy Beach Burrito Mexican features indoor skateboard pool

Beach Burrito's pool will be for pro skaters only.

Fitzroy's Mexican restaurant scene is about to reach seventh heaven with the arrival of Beach Burrito Company.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Mar 03 00:00:00 EST 2015

Pope Joan pair give the corner milkbar a makeover

Ben Foster, Matt Wilkinson, Adam Fitzgerald and Travis Welch at the Jack Horner site.

Matt Wilkinson is working on Jack Horner, a next-gen milkbar to service Brunswick East locals.

Food News | Espresso | Mon Jan 26 23:30:00 EST 2015

Melbourne Barbecue Festival fires up

Bluebonnet Barbecue will be rustling up angus beef ribs.

Local barbecue aficionados are firing up for the Melbourne Barbecue Festival's open day on February 1.

Food News | Espresso | Mon Jan 26 23:30:00 EST 2015

Melbourne coffee pioneer takes cafe culture to Los Angeles

Russell Beard, Ping Jin Ng and Mark Dundon at the site that will become Paramount Coffee Project in Los Angeles.

Seven Seeds brew guru Mark Dundon and his Paramount Coffee Project partners are taking Australian coffee culture to Los Angeles.

Food News | Espresso | Thu Jan 22 12:11:59 EST 2015

Melbourne Tomato Festival celebrates Italian culture and passata making


The inaugural Melbourne Tomato Festival will be like an invitation to a backyard Italian passata day, on a grand scale.

Food News | Espresso | Mon Jan 19 23:30:00 EST 2015

Sagra in Malvern celebrates seasonal fare

Owner Ross Chessari in the top-floor bar at Sagra.

After a career in finance, Ross Chessari is returning to his food roots with the imminent opening of Sagra in Malvern.

Food News | Espresso | Mon Jan 12 23:30:00 EST 2015