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By Natascha Mirosch

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Queensland Good Food Guide editor Natascha Mirosch reports on the news, moves and changes in the Brisbane dining scene.

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Another boost to the Gold Coast dining scene

Jason White's Two Brothers will join Hellenika and The Cambus Wallace in the growing eating/drinking enclave that is developing at Nobby's.

Food News | Graze | Wed Sep 11 18:40:05 EST 2013

All change for Hastings Street

Miss Moneypenny's and Locale to open in Noosa.

Food News | Graze | Wed Sep 11 18:40:57 EST 2013

Pinn to open takeaway

Malt Dining, Brisbane.

The team behind Malt is opening a "high-end" takeaway venue.

Food News | Graze | Fri Sep 06 15:03:30 EST 2013

Bailey leaves Berardo's for The Boathouse

Shane Bailey

Chef Shane Bailey is leaving Berardo's in Noosa to take up a position at The Boathouse.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 30 18:18:31 EST 2013

Latin American for Brunswick Street

Villa Maria to open in New Farm.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 30 18:13:10 EST 2013

Colle Rosso to open L'Angolo

Lisa Del Vecchio,Laura Petricelli, David Ruggiero and Marco Mureddo.

The foursome behind Red Hill's Colle Rosso are opening a second venue in the new Hamilton Harbour development.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 30 15:33:20 EST 2013

Dell'Ugo to open at Trattoria

Dell'Ugo Restaurant at South Bank is adding a trattoria to its venue.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 16 12:37:54 EST 2013

Couverture finally opens its doors

Chocolates at Couverture

Locals who have been pressing their noses hungrily against the window for the past few weeks will be very happy to hear that Brisbane's newest chocolate shop, Couverture, is finally opening its doors.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 16 12:37:54 EST 2013

New Nant whisky bar is a go go

Nant Whiskey Bar.

Nant Whisky Bar is set to open on September 7 on Edward Street in the CBD.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 16 12:37:55 EST 2013

Robin's nest

The Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld.

New Royal Mail Hotel chef Robin Wickens had other plans when he was offered the position at the Dunkeld three-hatter.

Food News | Graze | Tue Aug 13 01:59:00 EST 2013

Park Road fish restaurant to open

Fish roe.

Japanese restaurant Kirei closes, to be replaced by seafood restaurant Fish Roe.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 09 14:19:15 EST 2013

Himalayan mountain goat on the menu

Traditionally, Queenslanders haven't been big consumers of game, due in part perhaps to our short, mild winters.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 09 14:19:16 EST 2013

Fox Hotel reopens

Fox Hotel.

South Brisbane's The Fox Hotel reopens on Friday after five months of refurbishment – well, at least parts of it.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 09 14:04:26 EST 2013

Tang sorbet, mediaeval dinners and surf 'n turf

Good Food Month.

Fancy a mediaeval dinner? A nostalgic trip back to the '70s? How about a meal fit for an emperor?

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 02 13:16:26 EST 2013

Chop Chop Chang's opens

Chop Chop Chang's.

Thursday night marked the opening of the much anticipated Chop Chop Chang's in the West End.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 02 13:05:02 EST 2013

Taste of eastern Europe comes to South Bank

Anastasiya Sukhinina of Torba Restaurant and Lounge.

Cabbage rolls and borscht will be some of the dishes on the menu at a new eastern European restaurant.

Food News | Graze | Fri Aug 02 12:24:58 EST 2013

Hooking chefs on seafood sustainability

Richard Webb.

A fish and chip shop owner passionate about sustainable seafood is encouraging restaurants to source locally.

Food News | Natascha Mirosch | Thu Jul 25 17:00:40 EST 2013

First Gordon Ramsay ... now what?

Gordan Ramsay,  Hell's Kitchen USASMH THE GUIDE / iCON

They've worked for Gordon Ramsay in London - and now they're opening their own place in South Brisbane.

Food News | Graze | Fri Jul 19 17:08:37 EST 2013

South Bank seeks a brewery


South Bank - buzzing this weekend with the Regional Flavours Festival - may soon be home to a craft brewery.

Food News | Graze | Fri Jul 19 16:58:05 EST 2013

New French restaurant opens in Bardon

Locals have seen restaurants come and go in this spot for years.

Food News | Graze | Fri Jul 19 16:52:13 EST 2013