Food News

Amateur smallgoods makers vie for Hamster of Lara award

Some of the best tastebuds in the business will put home-made smallgoods to the test at next year's Hamster of Lara competition.

Food News | Gail Thomas | Tue Nov 10 19:45:11 EST 2015

Just Open: Hoi Polloi, Canberra

Cheeseburger at Hoi Polloi.

The cafe at Old Parliament House has had a revamp.

Food News | Natasha Rudra | Tue Nov 10 17:28:31 EST 2015

Just Open: Bliss and Chips - Sydney's first vegan fish and chip shop


A new takeaway is frying up vegan fish and chips in Newtown.

Food News | Callan Boys | Tue Nov 10 16:43:01 EST 2015

Last chance: Bay fish may soon be off Melbourne menus

Whole Bay-caught snapper at Cakes and Ale.

Phasing out commercial net fishing in Port Phillip Bay could mean the end of locally caught fish on restaurant plates.

Food News | Richard Cornish | Tue Nov 10 00:15:00 EST 2015

Belle's Hot Chicken coming to Sydney

Nashville-style hot chicken at Belle's Hot Chicken in Melbourne.

Melbourne-based Belle's Hot Chicken is coming to Sydney's Barangaroo precinct.

Food News | Scott Bolles | Tue Nov 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

Manly Pavilion destined for dining makeover?

Long-closed Manly Pavilion has a new operator at last. But will there be a restaurant again?

Food News | Short black | Tue Nov 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

Just open: Folonomo

When you eat at Folonomo, you can feel virtuous as well as satisfied: all the restaurant's profits go to charities.

Food News | Short black | Tue Nov 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

Shucked Oyster Bar opens in Cronulla

Ex Benchmark chef Luke Collins has opened an oyster bar in Sydney's south.

Food News | Short black | Tue Nov 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

Chef Steven Skelly moves on from Urchin restaurant, Bali

Bali connection: Skelly moves from Urchin (pictured) to Motel Mexicola, also in Bali.

Former Pier chef Steven Skelly has moved on from leading Bali restaurant Urchin, and will soon open a Sydney pop-up.

Food News | Short black | Tue Nov 10 00:00:00 EST 2015

Just Open: Burger Project, Martin Place, Sydney

Burger Project's $13.90 double cheeseburger.

Neil Perry opens his second burger restaurant in the Sydney CBD.

Food News | Callan Boys | Mon Nov 09 15:39:19 EST 2015

Cooking with vegetable oil releases toxic chemicals linked to cancer, research shows

Fish and chips fried in coconut oil may be a healthier choice.

Vegetable oil is more toxic than olive oil, butter and even lard, according to leading scientists.

Food News | Robert Mendick | Mon Nov 09 15:37:15 EST 2015

Sausage roll recipe causes confusion in America

Snag: The humble sausage roll causes cultural confusion.

It may be a staple at the footy or the school canteen but not everyone understands the sausage roll.

Food News | Rachel Browne | Mon Nov 09 08:41:51 EST 2015

Five alternatives to bacon

Anyone for salmon and eggs? Tassal's new salmon rashers.

Five alternatives so you can have your bacon hit without the health quibbles.

Food News | Callan Boys | Fri Nov 06 11:56:40 EST 2015

Just Open: Garden Kitchen at The Village, Melbourne

The Village Garden menu is geared to drinks and good times.

Sunshine, moonlight, good times: all present and correct.

Food News | Just Open | Thu Nov 05 17:31:34 EST 2015

Texas pit master to open San Antone by Bludso's BBQ in Melbourne's Crown

San Antone by Bludso's BBQ at Crown Melbourne.

A third-generation Texas barbecue pit master brings his family traditions to Melbourne.

Food News | Roslyn Grundy | Thu Nov 05 16:00:39 EST 2015

Guinness is going vegan

From 2016, Irish vegans will be able to have their Guinness and drink it too.

The Irish stout is injected with 21st-century food culture.

Food News | Liam Stack | Thu Nov 05 10:32:06 EST 2015

Just Open: Gelato Messina, Windsor

More than 35 flavours are on display at Gelato Messina's Windsor store.

Southsiders, raise your ice-cream cones. Gelato Messina has opened at the Windsor end of Chapel Street.

Food News | Jessica Dale | Thu Nov 05 09:50:38 EST 2015

Hochi Mama unveils the 'phopling', a dumpling-pho mash-up

Phoplings (Shanghai-style soup dumplings filled with pho) at Hochi Mama.

Keep an eye out for the #phopling. Hochi Mama's dumpling-pho mash-up is set to become an Instagram hashtag.

Food News | Roslyn Grundy | Wed Nov 04 18:33:03 EST 2015

Nigella Lawson's smashed avocado on toast episode

Nigella Lawson in Nigelissima
30DecFTA Nigelissima.

Nigella Lawson returned to TV on Monday night and promptly caused a Twitter storm

Food News | Kylie Northover | Wed Nov 04 06:56:47 EST 2015

Growing watercress in Canberra: Anna Roberts shares her experiments

It's not an easy task but Anna Roberts, of Curtin, is trying to grow watercress from seed.

Food News | Susan Parsons | Tue Nov 03 23:45:00 EST 2015