New York style bagel
The "real thing" ... Michael Shafran brings New York style bagels to Sydney.

Scott Bolles

Sydney-based, New York-raised food writer Michael Shafran doesn't want to be remembered as a whinging American.

''After complaining for 12 years that you can't get a decent bagel in Sydney, I'm finally putting my money where my mouth is,'' he says.

After months of bagel-making at home and training with ''new-school'' artisan bagel-makers in the US, he's found a commercial kitchen and will have a ''soft'' launch of his product this Sunday at Darlie Laundromatic.

''Being a native New Yorker, I already know what the real thing is supposed to taste like ... I'm not boasting when I say they will be the best bagels to appear in Sydney. We do round bread in this town, not real bagels, with their beautiful chewy texture and malty flavour,'' Shafran says.

If Sydney agrees, he'll be back at Darlie Laundromatic (304 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst) on Sundays between 10am and 2pm.