Street Food Bike Australia.
Dumplings ... Steamed will be the first food cart on the road.

Natascha Mirosch

Bikes fitted with food carts are about to hit the city streets – but just where they'll be wheeling is a closely guarded secret.

Street Food Australia will officially launch its bikes trial tonight at the Judith Wright Centre, but hungry pedestrians will have to use the internet to track down the peddling food peddlers.

"It's somewhere that has around 12,000 people walking by it every day, so we're confident of good sales," says Street Food Australia's Helen Bird. "The best place to find out is via social media."

Streetfood's Helen Bird and patron Luke Nguyen.
Street Food's Helen Bird and patron Luke Nguyen.

The trial involves only one bike, but six other bikes, designed in Denmark, reached Australian customs this week. They will be fitted with their food carts and set to work if the trial is successful.

The trial bike will be selling dumplings from Steamed (pictured). The menu for the remaining bikes is still being decided, but could include Berkshire baby back-ribs with a tequila marinade and spiced rub with barbecued corn and chipotle mayonnaise.

At the launch event in the Judith Wright courtyard, street food stalls will sell food from Mauritius, Vietnamese banh mi and pork ribs, as well as bands and a "pop up bookshop bike", with books for sale on sustainable food, street food cooking and food zines.

The Street Food Australia Launch is at the Judith Wright Centre (3872 9000) on Thursday February 7 from 6pm -9pm in the IMA courtyard. Entry is free. For updates, follow Street Food Australia on Twitter or Facebook.