Following a Ritual: The cafe's menu is inspired by Taline Gabrielian's vegan treats.
Following a Ritual: The menu is inspired by Taline Gabrielian's vegan treats. Photo: Supplied

Scott Bolles

Taline Gabrielian's recipes for raw and vegan treats have gathered 86,000 Instagram followers in less than a year; now it has inspired a menu and spawned a cafe.

Ritual has opened at 160 Sailors Bay Road in Northbridge, with a range of treats from Gabrielian's new Hippie Lane range. Ritual is the latest venture from her husband, Sam Gabrielian, the owner of Gabriel Coffee and Willoughby's three-year-old Dose cafe.

"We put Taline's vegan banana and walnut loaf and her vegan choc chip cookie on the menu at Dose and it went really well. People want all the naughty stuff, but without the added sugar. There's a real trend in Sydney toward healthy food. Five years ago people didn't understand, you'd put a salad on the menu and they'd ask if you'd put chicken on top. These days they want raw food," Sam Gabrielian maintains. Ritual, which also serves the usual cafe suspects such as bacon and egg rolls, also offers a filter coffee of the week.