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Australian ice-cream maker licks New York

Cherry and sichuan peppercorn ice-cream is one of the special flavours.

Australian Laura O’Neill is changing the way Americans eat ice-cream.

Food News | Ellen Connolly | Wed Jan 06 18:32:53 EST 2016

Nitrogen adds charge to cold-brewed coffee

Geelong-based Coffee Keg is producing nitrogen-charged cold brew coffee.

Bellarine Brewing Company is slaking thirst in a whole new way, switching from lager to java.

Food News | Gail Thomas | Wed Jan 06 15:56:55 EST 2016

Just Open: Eastern Spice, Geelong

Betel leaf kulfi at Eastern Spice in Geelong.

Punjabi chef Manpreet Sekhon is spicing things up in Geelong.

Food News | Just Open | Wed Jan 06 11:47:40 EST 2016

Sydney's Island Bar is on the move

The Island Bar will call last drinks at its current location this summer.

The Island Bar on Sydney's Cockatoo Island is relocating, after five successful summers as an acclaimed pop-up bar.

Food News | Just Open | Wed Jan 06 11:02:39 EST 2016

Vegan doughnuts on the menu at Doughnut Time

Raspberry and coconut vegan, gluten-free doughnut from Doughnut Time.

Brisbane chain launches an egg- and dairy-free doughnut.

Food News | Natascha Mirosch | Mon Jan 04 18:01:56 EST 2016

Just Open: Pierre Roelofs' soft-serve pop-up, Carlton North

Pierre Roelofs is opening a summer soft-serve pop-up.

Forget Mr Whippy. Pastry chef Pierre Roelofs is opening a pop-up "soft-servery" this summer.

Food News | Just Open | Mon Jan 04 16:16:32 EST 2016

Gelato Messina returns to Sydney Festival 2016 with a new doughnut bar

Gelato Messina's new Five Million Dough-lars flavour for Sydney Festival.

Step right up and be wowed by Messina's freak-fest of flavours coming to 2016's Sydney Festival - including a Bearded Lady dessert and a new doughnut bar.

Food News | Amanda Copp | Mon Jan 04 11:33:32 EST 2016

Just Open: Zumbo Dessert Bar, Fancy Nance, South Yarra

Peach, vanilla, white chocolate and whey sorbet.

Attention, Melbourne sweet tooths. Adriano Zumbo's high-tea salon is soon to open as a weekend dessert bar.

Food News | Just Open | Mon Jan 04 10:35:27 EST 2016

What are 2016's food trends?

St Cloud Eating House is part of the rise and rise of Vietnamese dining.

What will we be eating in 2016? Our writers forecast the year's upcoming food trends - and what they hope will disappear.

Food News | Callan Boys, Dani Valent and Daniel Lewis | Fri Jan 01 07:30:24 EST 2016

Doughnut Time and Ze Pickle create a smoked-Nutella bacon burger

Don't tell your doctor about Doughnut Time and Ze Pickle's latest venture.

Brisbane's Doughnut Time and Ze Pickle are collaborating on a smoked-Nutella bacon burger that has glazed doughnuts for its buns.

Food News | Lee Tran Lam | Thu Dec 31 12:14:26 EST 2015

Just Open: Koi Dessert Bar, Chippendale

Former MasterChef contestant Reynold Poeromo.

MasterChef fan favourite Reynold Poernomo is opening a dessert bar in Sydney.

Food News | Just Open | Wed Dec 30 16:35:22 EST 2015

Just Open: The Bolt Hole, Byron Bay

The Bolt Hole in Byron Bay is the new venue by The Barber Shop's founder.

From the man that brought you The Barber Shop in Sydney comes The Bolt Hole in Byron Bay.

Food News | Just Open | Wed Dec 30 12:43:49 EST 2015

Just Open: The Bennelong Balcony bar, Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Enjoy cocktails by the harbour at The Bennelong Balcony bar.

Catch The Bennelong Balcony in January 2016 - it's the new pop-up bar taking place next to Peter Gilmore's acclaimed restaurant at the Sydney Opera House.

Food News | Just Open | Tue Dec 29 15:00:02 EST 2015

Just Open: Mister Fitz ice-cream parlours, Fortitude Valley and South Bank

Ice-cream cookie sandwich at Mister Fitz in Brisbane.

Design your own ice-cream cookie sandwich at these two new Brisbane ice-cream parlours.

Food News | Just Open | Tue Dec 29 14:46:04 EST 2015

Top 10 "healthy" food frauds: how slick marketing could sabotage your diet

Beware of too much sugar in 'healthy' food.

The Christmas cheer has taken its toll. Your head hurts, your guts churn and your bloodstream is two-parts prosecco one-part honey-glazed ham and pavlova.

Food News,National | Jill Stark | Sun Dec 27 00:15:00 EST 2015

Just Open: Doughboys Doughnuts, Melbourne CBD

There's now a permanent spot for finding Doughboys' much-gushed-about doughnuts.

After months of waiting, Melbourne's cult-favourite doughnuts have a permanent home.

Food News | Callan Boys | Thu Dec 24 13:02:55 EST 2015

Red Spice Road to receive $1 million makeover

Red Spice Road's signature pork belly, with apple slaw, chilli caramel and black vinegar.

It's been a big year for the much-loved Melbourne restaurant Red Spice Road.

Food News | Callan Boys | Wed Dec 23 14:42:28 EST 2015

Cadbury is putting kale and beetroot in its Milk Tray chocolate box

Massaged Kale salad with quinoa, date and pomegranate

Kale and beetroot are some of the flavours that Cadbury is experimenting with for the 100th anniversary of its Milk Tray chocolate box.

Food News | Lee Tran Lam | Tue Dec 22 16:25:22 EST 2015

Which restaurants, bars and cafes are open in Melbourne over the 2015 Christmas break

Gazi is open throughout the holidays.

Find out which restaurants, bars and cafes are open between Christmas and New Year's Eve 2015 in Melbourne.

Food News | Rebecca Foley and Michael Sabater | Tue Dec 22 15:52:18 EST 2015

Which restaurants, bars and cafes are open in Sydney over the 2015 Christmas break

Coogee Pavilion is one of many Sydney eateries that will stay open between Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

We've compiled a list of what's open between Christmas and New Year's Eve in Sydney.

Food News | Michael Sabater | Tue Dec 22 15:08:55 EST 2015