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It's a stellar collection of names, the members of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival hall of fame.

Food News | Hilary McNevin and Roslyn Grundy | Tue Mar 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

When food goes wrong


Salmonella poisoning has almost doubled in the past decade. Following a spate of local and international incidents, we investigate why this is happening.

Food News | Richard Cornish | Tue Mar 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Rising talent gets hands on Civic kitchen


What do you get when you mix an iconic city gastropub, a rising suburban food star and the talents of former Balzac chef Matt Kemp?

Food News | Scott Bolles | Tue Mar 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Festival: What's on

Get your taste of new-wave Mexican at Chingon Cantina y Taqueria.

Loosen the belt buckle - one weekend down, another two weeks to go …

Food News | Sarina Lewis | Tue Mar 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Just open: Second Empire Cafe

Cafe opens on the ground floor of the Hawthorn Arts Centre, formerly the Hawthorn town hall.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Mar 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Just open: Goz City

You may have eaten Turkey's famous gozleme flatbreads at markets. Now a stand-alone gozleme store has opened in the CBD.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Mar 04 03:00:00 EST 2014

Piccolo: Melbourne restaurant bites

Industry Beans' first birthday; plans for the Fox Hotel at the Montague; rumours of a fourth Huxtaburger, and more.

Food News | Espresso | Tue Mar 04 00:00:00 EST 2014

On the ball like a meatball


Step aside hamburgers, meatballs are about to roll into town - and already have the attention of some of our top chefs.

Food News | Short black | Mon Mar 03 23:59:44 EST 2014

Fresh now

Finger limes have a six-month season but autumn is peak.

Food News | | Mon Mar 03 23:59:20 EST 2014

Just Open: Kim restaurant

The restaurant careers of former chefs don't all die – some are being rebirthed at Llankelly Place, Potts Point.

Food News | Scott Bolles | Mon Mar 03 23:59:02 EST 2014

Rockpool quartet splits

Cipro in Alexandria

When four senior members of the Rockpool empire struck out on their own last year to open Cipro Pizza al Taglio in Alexandria, many wondered if it would be a case of many hands making light work or...

Food News | Scott Bolles | Mon Mar 03 23:59:53 EST 2014

Ty Bellingham cuts ties with Sailors Thai

Sydney chef Ty Bellingham has quit his post at the helm of Sailors Thai.

Food News | Scott Bolles | Mon Mar 03 23:59:11 EST 2014

Food truck pioneer recognised at food and wine Legend awards

From left: Rafael Rashid, Frank Camorra and Jeni Port.

Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck founder Rafael Rashid wins trailblazer award at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival ceremony.

Food News | Espresso | Mon Mar 03 13:33:01 EST 2014

Circular Quay restaurant Ocean Room forced to close due to overseas passenger terminal renovation


A serious shortage of wharf space because of booming passenger cruise ship traffic, combined with an urgent need to redevelop Sydney's overseas passenger terminal, has led to the closure of another...

Food News | Melanie Kembrey, Anthony Dennis | Mon Mar 03 03:00:00 EST 2014

Sea urchins on The Delicious Pest menu

Sea urchins, sometimes called sea hedgehogs, are the black, spiky creatures that lurk at the bottom of the ocean.

Food News | Laura Banks | Sun Mar 02 03:00:00 EST 2014

Have you ever committed 'infoodelity'?

Have you ever 'desserted' your partner?

Dining out without your significant other is the worst kind of betrayal, especially when it involves an episode of epicurean ecstasy (rather than a dodgy barbie at a mate's place).

Food News | | Sat Mar 01 04:00:01 EST 2014

Pomelo tree in Bendigo Museum bears fruit of Chinese heritage

The story of the country's first pomelo tree, told by the descendants of the woman who planted it more than 100 years ago, seems more like legend.

Food News | Daniella Miletic | Sat Mar 01 03:00:00 EST 2014

Blackbird Bar & Restaurant opens in Brisbane

Penny Grant at Blackbird.

The old Queensland Rugby Club has been transformed into a 1920s inspired bar and eatery.

Food News | Graze | Fri Feb 28 13:11:10 EST 2014

World's oldest cheese found in Chinese cemetery

Pyengana cheddar.

Aged cheese can possess quite a stench, so spare a thought for the archaeologists who discovered mummified bodies scattered with clumps of cheese that are more than 3600 years old.

Food News | Annabel Smith | Fri Feb 28 12:07:40 EST 2014

Six 'accidentally vegan' products that may surprise

Classic Oreos.

Garlic bread without butter. Cream filling without the cream. Could you be eating vegan without even realising?

Food News | Annabel Smith | Fri Feb 28 09:55:05 EST 2014