Road-test: Best barbecues for all budgets

On the market: which barbecue is best for the job?
On the market: which barbecue is best for the job? Photo: Richard Cornish

Electric barbecue

  • Low: Swedia's you-get-what-you-pay-for electric grill sees food cooked atop glowing electric elements. $50 
  • Medium: Davis and Waddell 8 Person Electric Party Grill brings ersatz outdoor barbecue to your Total Fire Ban party. Around $90
  • High: Black and Stone's stainless steel twin element cooker features a hood and stand. $500

Kettle barbecue

  • Low: Masters' Master Forge Kettle is the no-frills Tiger Airways of the kettle barbecue world. $89 
  • Medium: The Weber Compact Kettle is perfect for roasting a large family meal in the great outdoors. $199
  • High: The Napoleon 22″ Trolley Charcoal Kettle BBQ is a outdoor kitchen with cart, table and temperature gauge. $750 

Middle Eastern charcoal barbecue

  • Low: BBQs Galore's disposable grill comes complete with wire stand. $3 
  • Medium: The chic Ferraboli Ledro Barbecue is a two-tone black and orange affair adding class to charcoal. $130. 
  • High: BBQ Spit Rotisseries Extendable Large Charcoal BBQ Spit Rotisserie with a 240-volt motor powerful enough to turn a 30-kilogram lamb. $265 

Australian hardwood barbecue

  • Low: Find a patch of sand or grass and get firebuilding (observe fire bans). Bag of wood, $12 for 20kg.
  • Medium: An old washing machine tub or 44-gallon drum makes a great barbecue base. Half-drum fire pit, $60, plus bag of wood, $12 for 20kg.
  • High: Part outdoor heater, part grill the Brazier with Grill is a top wood-fired option. $79

Japanese charcoal barbecue

  • Low: Hida Konro $58, does not include grill. Better suited for smaller portion sizes. 
  • Medium: BBQs Galore Hibachi Oval Charcoal Barbecue. Perfect for barbecuing on the balcony. $99.95
  • High: Large portable Konro. Perfect for parties. $525. 

Gas barbecue

  • Low: Beefmaster 4 burner with cast-iron burners, roasting hood and a large cooking area. $499
  • Medium: Got an outdoor kitchen? Build in the Turbo Classic 4 Burner Build-In for that alfresco feel. $1499
  • High: I'll have a barbecue with the lot thanks: primo Turbo Elite 6 Burner on Side Burner Cart. $4349

Gas kettle barbecue

  • Low: This take-anywhere Ziegler & Brown Portable Grill is a ripper. We like the chilli red. $299
  • Medium: Choose your colour for the Weber Kettle 57cm (gold) One Touch BBQ. $399
  • High: The cast-iron grill Weber Q 200 Natural Gas Model even has its own tool holder. $419