Defenders ... deep-fried camembert.
Back away from the cheese ... deep-fried camembert has its defenders. Photo: Alamy

Jacqui Taffel

In Good Living’s ‘‘bad’’ issue last week, the story Tasteless trends of the past prompted readers to share their  memories. Many agree some items deserve to be consigned to history — cooked avocado, creamed chicken, arty smears on the plate.

However, there is spirited defence of other maligned dishes. ‘‘Deep-fried camembert tasteless? To someone with no taste buds, maybe!’’ a reader from Brisbane protests.

Fried cheese has its place, insists another: ‘‘Whenever we have some cheese in the fridge that looks in danger of not being eaten before its use-by date, my wife will roll it around in breadcrumbs and fry it up with some herbs and spices. Guaranteed to be gone the same day.’’

A South Australian reader adds: ‘‘I dare you to try deep-fried camembert served with redcurrant jelly with fresh redcurrents. If done correctly, it is as close to cheese heaven as us mere mortals can get.’’

Many readers had suggestions for foods they believe should have featured in the story.

‘‘You left out the many and varied uses of canned pineapple pieces, Philly cream cheese and French onion soup powder.’’

‘‘Does anyone remember that awful carrot, sultana and shredded coconut salad someone would always bring to the barbie? Ugh!’’

‘‘My personal favourite ... vanilla slices made with SAO biscuits (stomach churning as I type).’’

Other readers stand up for their retro favourites.

‘‘My grandmother still makes devilled eggs and they are delish with paprika sprinkled on them. I also welcome the return of trifle, an absolute favourite.’’

‘‘Being an old gal, I miss 4pm afternoon tea with the ladies, a fresh ... victoria sponge and fairy bread for the children ... and I miss junket and pears for dessert or lemon sago.’’

‘‘When we all ‘bring a plate’ to a work morning or afternoon tea, I recently started bringing in toothpicks with home-made cabana [cabanossi], a tasty cheese cube and a basil leaf. Many of the younger people thought they were a great idea, like I invented them!’’

One reader took umbrage at the whole concept of outdated food fads. ‘‘Get over yourselves! I like most of the things mentioned and I don’t care if I’m out of fashion or not. You are most definitely not invited to my house for dinner!’’