Little Tommy Tucker

432 Centre Road Bentleigh, Victoria 3204

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Opening hours Monday to Sunday, 7am to 5pm.
Features Outdoor seating
Prices Moderate (mains $20-$40)
Chef Brett Hobbs
Phone 03 9576 5174

Here’s a sharp newcomer: a sparkle in Centre Road, honey for locals. Decked in cool tones - blondwood, white-and-blue tiles, gleaming glass window - what’s not to like? It’s brought Dukes coffee, Prana chai and Somage tea to Bentleigh, and food has an edge over cafe staples. All-day menu options include baked beans with chorizo and goat’s cheese, pulled pork roll with tomato relish, and a wagyu burger with cheese and BLT. Touches such as a cute jug of cream keeping apple crumble slice company show that Little Tommy really cares about his tucker.