Adam Liaw's Chinese New Year feast

Adam Liaw

My favourite thing about Chinese New Year is how ordinary foods are magically turned into lucky charms.

As well as being tasty, long noodles now also bring you long life. The more dumplings you chow down the more gold and riches you attract. Even chucking a meatball onto your plate can be considered auspicious.

Dragon and phoenix longevity noodles.
Dragon and phoenix longevity noodles. Photo: William Meppem

Don't worry if you're a bit sceptical, the popular foods of Chinese New Year are more tradition than superstition and, even if you're wrong, a bit of extra good luck can't hurt anyone.

Here's a five-course banquet that's both delicious and auspicious.

Dragon and phoenix longevity noodles

The two great mythical animals of Chinese legend – the dragon and the phoenix – are represented in this dish along with long noodles to ensure a long life.

Steamed Murray Cod with red chilli oil.

Steamed Murray cod with red chilli oil

This version of the classic Chinese steamed fish is covered with a vibrant red chilli oil to represent fire in the 2016 Chinese zodiac.

Spinach and dried shrimp  wontons.

Spinach and dried shrimp wontons

These wontons are very lucky during the new year period, as their shape resembles ancient Chinese sycee gold ingots.

Red-braised lion's heads.

Red-braised lion's heads

Each of the four giant meatballs in this dish symbolises one of luck, prosperity, longevity and happiness. Which one will you get?

Orange marmalade fried ice-cream with butter chocolate sauce.

Orange marmalade fried ice-cream with chocolate sauce

Oranges and tangerines are symbols of wealth and good luck around Chinese New Year. There's no need to feel guilty about eating fried ice-cream if it's lucky, right?