Adam Liaw: how to make sushi sandwiches

How to make sushi sandwiches

Adam Liaw shows you how to make sushi sandwiches

These simple sushi sandwiches have become phenomenally popular in Japan over the past few years, particularly for packed lunches. Known in Japan as onigirazu, they're very simple to make, don't need vinegared sushi rice (although you can use it if you like), and they're just as at home with western sandwich fillings as they are with sushi-style fillings. Don't keep these sandwiches in the fridge. Eat them straight away or pack them in plastic wrap or foil at room temperature to eat later.

Adam Liaw Sushi Sandwiches from his new cookbook The Zen Kitchen

Adam Liaw Sushi Sandwiches from his new cookbook The Zen Kitchen Photo: Supplied

Sushi sandwiches

1 cup cooked rice per sandwich

1 sheet nori per sandwich

your favourite sandwich or sushi fillings (some suggestions below)

1. Place a sheet of nori on a piece of plastic wrap on a cutting board with the shiny side facing down. Spread ½ cup rice in a 10cm square at 45 degrees to the nori. Top the rice square with your choice of filling and cover with the remaining ½ cup rice. 

2. Fold the corners of the nori sheet into the centre to create a square with the filling inside. Gather the plastic wrap around the sandwich and leave wrapped for at least 10 minutes for the seaweed to soften and stick to the rice. This will help hold the sandwich together. Use a sharp knife moistened with a little cold water to slice through the centre of the sandwich to reveal the filling, and serve.

 Fillings we like include


Prawn and avocado

Ham, cheese and tomato

Teriyaki chicken and green beans

Salmon, salmon roe, egg and lettuce

Serves 1, but make as many as you like

The Zen Kitchen by Adam Liaw is published by Hachette Australia, $49.99