Bizzy izzy cobbler

Bizzy izzy cobbler
Bizzy izzy cobbler Photo: Rebecca Hallas

This is a cocktail from Matt Bax's very cool bar in Richmond, Der Raum. According to Bax: "It's a fresh fruit spin on the little-known 1920s hit; Izzy Einstein was the most famous and effective of the G-men or government agents during prohibition. He was known for his amazing variety of costumes and characters to fool unsuspecting speak-easy operators."


45ml Makers Mark bourbon

15ml port

2 pineapple wedges

2 slices of lemon

2 tsp of dark brown sugar

marinated zests*

*Cut thin, long zests of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Cover with Grand Marnier, cognac and sugar syrup, and seal in an airtight jar. Keep refrigerated. These will last for a week if sealed and can be used as a quick and tasty garnish for a variety of summer drinks.


Muddle and churn with crushed ice.

Garnish: 2 lemon slices, marinated citrus zests and 2 pineapple leaves

Glass: highball