Fish and salad recipe: Herbed fishcakes with green chilli slaw

Versatile herbed fish cakes with slaw.
Versatile herbed fish cakes with slaw. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Use your favourite seafood in these versatile favourites: play around with hot smoked salmon, barramundi, snapper, leatherjacket and flathead, sometimes even a few prawns. . Serve with a fresh crunch slaw and dinner is done!


For the fish cakes

800g desiree potatoes

350g fish fillets, cut into large pieces

1 tbsp capers, chopped

1 tsp cornichons, chopped

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard

2 egg yolks

1 handful mixed herbs (parsley, dill, basil), chopped 

2 spring onions, sliced

salt and pepper

80g cornflour (check gluten-free)

50ml vegetable oil

50g butter

1 lemon, quartered

For the kohlrabi and green chilli slaw

1 kohlrabi

1 red onion, thinly sliced

1 lime, finely grated zest and juice

4 tbsp mayonnaise

pinch smoked paprika

handful flat-leaf parsley 

1 green chilli, seeds removed, sliced into strips

salt and pepper


For the fish cakes

Roast the potatoes in their skins for 50 minutes at 180C.  

Remove from the oven, cut in half and scoop the potato from the skins into a large bowl.

Steam the fish until just cooked and add to the potato. Mix with a large spoon, breaking up the potato and fish. Add the capers, cornichons, mustard, egg yolks, herbs, spring onions, salt and pepper.

Thinly slice the potato skins and add them too. Leave the mixture to cool for five minutes, then shape into small cakes.  Cool in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Put cornflour on a plate, roll each fish cake in it then shallow fry in the vegetable oil and butter for three to four minutes on each side until golden brown. 

For the kohlrabi and green chilli slaw

Top and tail the kohlrabi and cut into matchsticks with a sharp knife or Japanese mandolin.

Then simply throw all the ingredients into a large bowl, toss well and season to taste.

To serve: Salt the slaw just before serving, or it will draw moisture from the vegetables and make the slaw too wet. Serve the fish cakes with a little more salt and a lemon quarter.

Tip: Use up leftovers
For this recipe we bake the potatoes, scoop out the soft interior and thinly slice the crispy skins so nothing goes to waste. For a non gluten-free version you can also use up excess bread with these fish cakes. Dry it out in the oven on a low heat, then blend it to make breadcrumbs. Roll the cakes in flour, then a little egg wash, then in the bread crumbs.