How to make pancakes

Dan Lepard

These thin, French crepes are perfect for wrapping fillings but are also delicious when served folded with lemon juice and sugar.

Dan Lepard's perfect pancakes

Makes 8-10 thin pancakes


4 eggs, 60g each

25g castor sugar

a big pinch of salt

about 350ml cold milk

15g unsalted butter, melted 


125g plain flour

extra butter for frying

lemons and sugar to serve


1. Beat the eggs with the sugar and salt until smooth then whisk in the milk, melted butter and flour. Cover the bowl and chill for an hour.

2. Get your frying pan hot and swirl a scrape of butter around the inside. Check the consistency of the pancake mixture and if necessary, thin with some extra milk until it is the consistency of very thin cream.

3. Hold the hot pan at a slight angle then pour one ladleful of the batter into it. Swirl it around so the batter evenly coats the surface: you want to aim for a thin even coating. 

4. Return the pan to the heat and cook until the pancake starts to lighten and brown at the edges. When the top of the pancake appears set and bubbles are starting to burst through, it's time to flip it.   Ease the pancake off the pan, flip it over, then cook the other side.

5. Shake the cooked pancake onto a plate, cover loosely with a cloth, re-butter the pan and cook the remainder in the same way.

6. Serve the pancakes with lemon juice and sugar, or your choice of toppings.