Oysters with cucumber and finger limes

Jill Dupleix
Finger limes add a citrus zing to savoury or sweet dishes.
Finger limes add a citrus zing to savoury or sweet dishes. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Oysters with an unusual garnish.


half Lebanese cucumber, peeled

1 tbsp white sugar

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp rice vinegar

12 oysters (Pacifics or Sydney Rocks)

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 finger limes

1 tbsp mirin


Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and scoop out and discard the seeds then finely slice.

Mix the sugar, salt and rice vinegar in a bowl, add the cucumber and leave for 30 minutes, then drain and squeeze out excess moisture.

Whiz the pickled cucumber in a blender with olive oil until light and creamy, and chill until needed.

Roll each finger lime on a bench to loosen the vesicles, then cut in half cross-wise, and gently squeeze the little pearls out onto a teaspoon.

Add a drop or two of mirin to each oyster, then top with cucumber mixture and finger lime pearls and serve over ice.