Pink Fizz

Jill Dupleix
Jill Dupleix's pink fizz <a ...
Jill Dupleix's pink fizz (recipe here). Photo: Natalie Boog

Is it a drink, or a sweet, icy, brunchy, berry-pink dessert treat; who cares, when drowning berry sorbet in sparkling wine is so dreamily delicious?


500g red berry sorbet or gelato

Chilled sparkling wine


Chill six tall, elegant tulip glasses. Fill with scoops of red berry sorbet and (slowly) top with chilled sparkling wine. The wine will fizz up around the sorbet (and over the glass, if you're not careful) and turn the whole drink a gloriously frothy pink. Serve with long parfait spoons.

For a non-alcoholic version; Make strawberry milkshakes by whizzing 400g of hulled strawberries with 400ml cold milk, 250g vanilla ice-cream and 2 tbsp honey until frothy. Serve chilled.