Wok-fried pork belly and mushrooms

Adam Liaw
Versatile pork belly works well in a simple stir-fry.
Versatile pork belly works well in a simple stir-fry. Photo: Adam Liaw

Pork belly is a very versatile cut of meat. It’s just at home in a wok as it is roasted or slow-cooked for hours. Asian mushrooms can be expensive, but you can always pair them with cheaper button mushrooms as the flavours work well together.


1 tbsp vegetable oil

600g pork belly, skin removed and cut into 1cm by 5cm slices

1/2 tsp salt

4 spring onions, cut into 5cm lengths

3 cloves garlic, minced

150g mixed Asian mushrooms, thickly sliced

150g button mushrooms, quartered

2 tbsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp Shaoxing wine

1/2 tsp sugar

1/4 tsp white pepper

1 tsp cornflour mixed in 1 tbsp cold water

steamed rice, to serve


1. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok over high heat and fry the pork belly in batches, seasoning with salt and frying until well browned on both sides.

2. Remove the pork belly from the wok and tip out most of the rendered fat such that only 2 tbsp remains.

3. Add the spring onions and garlic to the wok and toss for a few seconds, then add the mushrooms and fry for about 3 minutes until the mushrooms are softened, tossing occasionally.

4. Return the pork to the wok with the oyster sauce, Shaoxing wine, sugar and white pepper and toss until well combined. Add the cornflour mixture in a steady stream, tossing constantly until the sauce thickens. Rest for a minute, then serve with steamed rice.