Scala's Article Lead - narrow
Scala's Article Lead - narrow 

Flemington Rd Homebush West, NSW 2140

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Opening hours Mon-Sat 2am-2pm
Features Outdoor seating
Payments eftpos, Visa, Mastercard
Phone 02 9763 1490

Get out of bed in the dark, get dressed and head for the markets at the crack of dawn, and this is your reward: a rich, heady espresso ($3) that will wake you up sufficiently to do battle for your fruit and veg. Frank Canturi and Phillip Versace took over this much-loved family business from Andrea Carrano in 2010, and managed to modernise it without losing too much of the Italian spirit. After shopping, come back for a pizze topped with salsiccie and capsicum, then pick up some pasta, pane di casa, salted capers and panettone and dinner is done.