29 nine 99

29 nine 99
29 nine 99 

28/30 Louee St Rylstone, NSW 2849

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Opening hours Mon-Fri 9.30am-3.30pm,Sat 10am-10pm,Sun 10am-4.30pm
Features Wheelchair access, Family friendly, Outdoor seating, Private dining, BYO, Vegetarian friendly, Bar
Prices Cheap (mains under $20)
Chef Na Lan
Seats 80
Phone 02 6379 1984

While every country town has its Chinese restaurant, Rylstone is no ordinary town and 29 nine 99 is certainly no ordinary Chinese restaurant. Bridgeview Inn is part of the sandstone charm of Rylstone's 19th-century character and inside is where Chinese artist Na Lan operates a delightful dumpling and teahouse that rocks the perception of country-town dining. It's OK to think yum cha, but this is more about the famous dumpling banquets of Shaanxi province, where Na Lan hails from. It's a feast for the eyes too, because tables are spread through a shop full of colourful oriental art and design, a courtyard, and a character-filled gallery space. Choose from about 30 steamed dim sum and dumpling offerings or ask for a combination platter, matched with traditional Chinese teas. Pork and prawn dim sum, barbecue duck dumplings and crab and snowpea dumplings spark several tussles during the ensuing chopstick joust. And there are still sweet or savoury buns to come.