How to make strawberry Santas

Jill Dupleix
Strawberry Santas are a cute edition to Christmas.
Strawberry Santas are a cute edition to Christmas. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Let's see, strawberries are at their best right now, and Santa is definitely in season. It doesn't take much to put the two together - with cream cheese -  in one very cute Strawberry Santa.

Strawberry Santas never fail to make me LOL. They first popped up on the radar at the second  Annual Sydney Food bloggers Christmas Picnic in 2010 (thank you, food bloggers, we love you for all your crazy and beautifully photographed food ideas) and in the United States'  Simple & Delicious magazine as far back as 2006, but the idea has been around for as long as there have been strawberries, Santas and low skill sets.

To make, beat 150 grams of cream cheese with two tablespoons of  icing sugar and half a teaspoon vanilla extract until smooth. Hull the strawberries and cut off the pointy ends to use as caps. 

Pipe the cream cheese on the cut surface of each strawberry and gently replace the pointy strawberry 'cap'.  Add mini choc chips or black cumin seeds for eyes, and eat while Laughing Out Loud. 

(If your piping skills are up to it, add a tiny pom-pom on top of each cap, and three little white "buttons" on Santa's bright red tummy, but most Santas get eaten long before this point, ho ho.)

Tip: Santa didn't bring you a piping bag? Put the cream cheese mixture in a small ziplock plastic bag, snip off one corner and pipe away.