The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014: the awards

The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014.
The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014. 

eftpos best cafe
Top Paddock, Richmond
For a cafe with total commitment to outstanding coffee or an exceptional cafe that celebrates the best in coffee, food, service and spirit.
Best new cafe
Stagger Lee's, Fitzroy
For this year's most exciting new cafe, judged on coffee, food, service and spirit.

Best coffee
Seven Seeds, Carlton
For the utmost dedication to the bean, from sourcing and selection to roasting and brewing.

Best boutique roaster
Industry Beans, Fitzroy
For a specialty roaster who brings integrity to each stage of the process, from sourcing and selecting to roasting, brewing and educating.

Best brew bar
Everyday Coffee, Collingwood
For ongoing commitment to the excellent adventure of coffee brewing in all its forms.

Best barista
James Kilby, Brunswick East Project, Brunswick East
For a supremely talented individual who strives for excellence in every cup.

Best small cafe
Guerilla Espresso, Footscray
For defining what a great cafe can be in a limited space.

Best food cafe
Ora, Kew
For commitment to great, fresh, seasonal food appropriate to the setting.

Local hero
Dakdak Cafe, Moorabin
For a cafe or individual making a real contribution to a wider community.

Hall of fame
Pellegrini's, Melbourne
For an enduring contribution to Melbourne cafe culture by a cafe, cafe owner, barista or roaster.