Batting for a brew: Shane Warne joins forces with Moa on a beer

Cricket inspired ... The MOA Brewing Company SKW Pale Ale, 99 Not Out.
Cricket inspired ... The MOA Brewing Company SKW Pale Ale, 99 Not Out. Photo: Peter Rae

It's a fairly odd marketing decision to name your new celebrity-endorsed product after the aforementioned celeb's greatest regret.

But that appears to be what New Zealand's Moa brewing has done with its collaboration with cricket legend Shane Warne, the 99 SKW Not Out Pale Ale.

Right there on the box it details how Warnie, arguably the greatest bowler of our age, always wanted to score a test century, but failed.

The closest he got we're told, was playing against New Zealand in 2001 when he was caught (allegedly on a no ball) at 99.

And so to mark this landmark fail, they've immortalised the moment with a beer. Like I said, odd.

Even more so because the beer is, as you would expect from Moa, a beauty.

With the flavour hit slightly toned-down from the brewery's usual Pale, this lives up to the claim of being more sessionable. It's not a beer to be experienced like some over-the-top craft offerings, it's one to be drunk.

Pouring a slightly cloudy copper red with a good head that laces well, this has a nice fruity malt base overlaid with a spicy, almost peppery, bitterness from the Cascade and Kohatu hops.

This bottle fermented and conditioned beer (it's 5 per cent ABV) is bitter - 35 IBU apparently - but not too much and with the right food (I paired it with tandoori lamb) it's perfect.


Which is another odd point because Warne was at one stage notorious for his aversion to strong flavours. He's the guy who once had a suitcase of baked beans and spaghetti flown to India rather than risk the local food.

At least with this beer, which Moa insist Warne "worked closely with" their head brewer to develop, his palate seems to have come of age and the resulting strong flavours mean it would stand up well to a bit of chilling.

Perfect in fact, for summer... as you watch others score the centuries Warne never made.

The 99 SKW Not Out Pale Ale retails for $16.99 per four pack and $89.99 per case of 24.