25 Australian tinnies to drink this summer

Summer in Australia means cold beer. And the best way to drink cold beer is in a can. Here are 25 tins to get your mouth around this silly season.

You can buy most of these grenades at specialty retailers such as Medhurst and Sons in Sydney, Slowbeer in Melbourne and, if you're reading this in Brisbane, Cellarbrations Bowen Hills (it's a Cellarbrations, yes, but old mate stocks a ripper range of tins). Meanwhile, Beer Cartel is your spot for online shopping.

Rocks Brewing Co., Conviction Series Pale Ale, 3.5 per cent ABV

Pirate Life Throwback IPA
Pirate Life Throwback IPA Photo: Supplied

A full-flavoured, hoppy mid-strength slammer. For drinking with in-laws you don't want to be shickered around.

Modus Operandi, Session IPA, 4.1 per cent ABV

Hoppy and dry with melon on the nose, chill this 500mL big boy until it's ice-cold. For drinking by the river with a line in the water.


Moo Brew - Single hop #tasmania #beersinthesun #cheers

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Moo Brew, Single Hop Pale Ale, 4.8 per cent ABV


A highly smashable beer brewed with one malt and one hop for clean, straight-shooting bitterness. For blistering hot days when seat-belt buckles turn into branding irons.

Carlton & United Breweries, Victoria Bitter, 4.9 per cent ABV

What else are you going to use for backyard cricket stumps? An empty carton of craft beer? Get real. For dancing to How to Make Gravy.

Balter Brewing Company, Alt Brown, 5.2 per cent ABV

A smooth-talking, almost-an-altbier from Mick Fanning's Currumbin brewery with toasty chocolate notes intensified by a spell in a can. For campfires and old Kuta Lines jumpers.


Dr. Tim's - traditional ale from Coopers. #Australia #cheers #cans

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Coopers, Dr Tim's Traditional Ale, 4.5 per cent ABV

A fantastically crisp beer from South Australia's finest. For peeling prawns on the back deck.

Australian Brewery, Saison D'Heretique, 6.2 per cent ABV

Did anyone imagine a decade ago that one day we would drink Australia-made saison from a tin? Yes? Oh, well. Carry on then. Zingy with citrus and green peppercorns. For a prelude to afternoon napping.

Pirate Life, Throwback IPA, 3.5 per cent ABV

Love hops? Love sticky, bitter mid-strength beers that taste a little bit like honey? If yes, come on board. For Sunday sessions in the sun.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Hop Culture Session IPA, 4.9 per cent ABV

A tropical fruit bomb that's surprisingly drinkable. About as hoppy as an Aussie beer should ever be in summer. For knocking back while you water the garden.

Nomad, Freshie Salt & Pepper Gose, 4.5 per cent ABV

Gose is increasingly popular German beer style that uses salted water as an ingredient. Nomad brews beer on Sydney's Northern Beaches, so naturally they've included a few buckets of Freshie seawater in this energising brew. For post-surf refreshment when there's still sand in your togs.

Yulli's Brews, Seabass Mediterranean Lager, 4.2 per cent ABV

Unfiltered fun times with a floral nose. For fish and chips with a fistful of chicken salt.


Colonial Draught - Colonial Brewing Co. #magaretriver #portmelbourne #cheers #beersinthesun

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Colonial Brewing Co., Draught Kolsch Ale, 4.8 per cent ABV

An anytime/anywhere brew with hints of lemon and passionfruit. For getting you back in the mood on Boxing Day morning.

Sailor's Grave, Southern Right Ale, 4.7 per cent ABV

There can never be enough malty beers still drinkable in 38-degree heat like this one. Never. For every backyard barbecue between Christmas and New Year's.

Green Beacon, Wayfarer USA, 4.9 per cent ABV

A hoppy (but not too hoppy) American-style wheat beer out of Teneriffe, Queensland. For getting a shine on at sea.

4 Pines, Indian Summer Pale Ale, 4.2 per cent ABV

Quenching, quaffable and quick to drink, this beer is crisper than that lettuce on your Boxing Day sandwich. For watching the tide roll away on the dock of a bay.

Young Henrys, Newtowner Pale Ale, 4.8 per cent ABV

Celebrate 150 years of Newtown pride by cracking a case of these crackers. For You Am I singalongs in an Enmore share house.

Sauce Brewing, Saucy Saison, 6 per cent ABV

Try saying Saucy Saison ten times fast. Hmm. It actually isn't that hard. Apologies. Much like this Belgo-French farmhouse ale isn't that hard to drink. At all. For Jatz and cheese and cabanossi.


Mountain Goat: Summer Ale. #beersinthesun. Thanks for all the suggestions for this one.

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Mountain Goat, Summer Ale, 4.7 per cent ABV

A modern Australian classic that's clean, textural and aromatic. For balmy nights and the sound of cicadas.

Blackman's Brewery, Unfiltered Lager, 4.6 per cent ABV

Gee whiz, how good is lager? This is one of our best, rooted in Europe and sunkissed in Australia. For slammin' in the shower.

Bentspoke Brewing Co., Barley Griffin Canberra Pale Ale, 4.2 per cent ABV

Yeah, no one else is really sure what a Canberra Pale Ale is either. Will highly pay the capital pun and deliciousness going on here though. For road trips to Cockington Green.

Lord Nelson, Quayle Summer Ale, 4.2 per cent ABV

Praise be, the Lord is canning. This fan favourite in the pub's beer range has been around since 1989 and is legitimately named after the time former American Vice-President Dan Quayle dropped into The Rocks hotel. For drinking on Sydney Harbour.

Batch Brewing Co., American Pale Ale, 5.2 per cent ABV

What's this? Batch is canning too? The Marrickville legends have put their first-ever brew in a tin and they did it just for you. For train rides up and down the coast.

Vale Ale, Australian Pale Ale, 4.5 per cent ABV

A handsome tin houses a classic Aussie pale ale with flavours of passionfruit and peach. For gifting to anyone who still thinks "cans are for bogans".  

Fox Hat, Phat Mongrel Oatmeal Stout, 6.5 per cent ABV

Fox Hat is where Vale Brewing lets its wilder side off the leash and this chocolatey stout packs serious punch. For freshly shucked oysters on a cool afternoon.


Dog Days summer beer - Little creatures brewery #Fremantle #beersinthesun #cheers

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Little Creatures Dog Days Summer Ale, 4.4 per cent ABV

What was once a seasonal release is now a permanent member of the Little Creatures family. Crisp. Clean. Grassy. Good. For drinking under the sprinkler.