'A Currant Affair': There's a new Canberra beer named after Tracy Grimshaw

Kevin Hingston, Frazer Brown and Alan Ball with their new brew.
Kevin Hingston, Frazer Brown and Alan Ball with their new brew. Photo: Jay Cronan

Better known for sitting behind the desk at Channel Nine's A Current Affair, Tracy Grimshaw will now be coming to you from another location - behind the bar.

A new sour beer made by two Canberra brewers goes under the name "Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. This is a Currant Affair".

The cheeky homage to the current affairs host, which is available on tap for a limited time, is a collaboration between Canberra breweries Pact Brewing Company and Wig and Pen.

There's a new beer named after Tracy Grimshaw.
There's a new beer named after Tracy Grimshaw. Photo: Supplied

But the veteran journalist won't have to touch down in the capital in order to get a taste of the beer named in her honour.

While the sour, red currant-flavoured brew will be on tap at the Wig and Pen at Australian National University and the Durham Arms in Kingston from Wednesday, the Channel Nine presenter can also score a pot or a pint of her namesake at the Ale House Project in Melbourne, where she is based.

While Tracy Grimshaw declined Fairfax Media's request for comment, Wig and Pen brewer Frazer Brown said the beer was created especially for Ale House Project's "This Is Red" Festival, which is dedicated to red beers.

The label for this new sour ale.
The label for this new sour ale.  Photo: Supplied

He said an affinity for puns rather than current affairs journalism was behind its unique name.

"We were always going to put red currants in it and the name suggested itself," Mr Brown said.

While the brewers don't yet know Tracy's reaction to having an ale named in her honour, Mr Brown said he's not expecting their stocks of it to last long.


"People tend to go fairly nuts for the fruited berliner weisses [German wheat beer], so we're hoping it will be quite successful. People also really like pink things so that should help as well," he said.

So what does a glass of Tracy taste like?

"It's got quite a strong tart berry flavour from the red currants, some subtle salty flavours and a little bit confectionery," Mr Brown said.

"It's almost double the strength of a normal berliner weisse, which is not what you expect from it straight up."

Just like its namesake.