Five Aussie beers to drink this summer

Summer means sunset beers in hammocks that are very hard to get out of.
Summer means sunset beers in hammocks that are very hard to get out of. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK

Here are five domestic beers ideal for cracking after an innings of backyard cricket. 

Moo Brew X Archie Rose Distillery, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout, 10.8% ABV

Holy cow, this Moo imperial stout is a powerful beast. Aged by the same American oak barrels housing Archie Rose single malt whisky, there's a heady smack of rum and raisin making this perfect with Christmas pudding. Cellaring will bring the whisky notes forward and add another layer of complexity. An eyebrow-raising $24 for 330ml and worth it.

Grifter Brewing Co. Pale Ale.
Grifter Brewing Co. Pale Ale.  Photo: Supplied

Best for gifting the beer lover in your life and hoping you're around when they open it.

Grifter Brewing Co. Pale Ale, 5% ABV

Behold! It's the winner of Good Food's Great Australian Tinnie Taste Test 2018! Perfectly balanced, crisp and light, The Grifter's Aussie-style pale ale is an all-rounder to see you through all of summer.

Best for any occasion, really, but particularly sitting under a tree after a hectic session of Grip Ball. Remember Grip Ball?

Bridge Road Brewers, Magical Christmas Unicorn, 7.3% ABV

Back in all good bottle shops for Christmas, this seasonal ice-cream ale out of Beechworth tastes so much like a boozy dollop of vanilla custard there might actually be magical witchcraft involved. Brewed with lactose and way more quaffable than the high-ish alcohol volume suggests.


Best for a hammock that's very hard to get out of. 

Modus Operandi Brewing, Tropic Haze, 5% ABV

Although cans do a much better job than bottles of protecting beer from UV light, tins should still be kept cold and out of the sun at all times. Otherwise you'll have a spoiled beer on your hands that tastes like a cardboard sandwich. That would really be a shame with such a beaut unfiltered pale ale like this brew from Modus, just released nationally and singing with tropical fruit flavours.

Best for cracking ice-cold at the beach with chicken-salted chips.

Akasha Brewing Company, Tradewind Lager, 4.4% ABV

Nothing silly going on here. Just a clean, balanced lager for all those times you want a beer you don't have to think about too much. In other words, most of summer. Some passionfruit, a touch of bitterness and a lot of refreshment.

Best for sitting in front of the telly on Boxing Day with prawns, leftover ham and fresh white bread.