Canned heat: Three locally made hard seltzers and spritzes to try

The Living Roots canned spritz range.
The Living Roots canned spritz range. Photo: Supplied

If the recent US Super Bowl advertisements were a reflection of what our stateside friends are drinking, it's all about canned booze. Hard seltzers (alcoholic sparkling water) and spritzy wine concoctions are on trend. They're increasingly popular on home turf, too. These local drops are tasty, portable and perfect for consumption in the great outdoors. Chill them before you drink.

Living Roots 2021 White Session Spritz, SA, $28/four pack

Finally, a white wine spritzer with some real complexity. Winemakers Seb and Colleen Hardy split their time between Rochester, New York, and South Australia, where this lively number is made. The combo of verdelho, riesling and muscat (picked at different times, some turned into piquette) makes for light-hearted floral aromas and crisp green apple and lemon zest flavours. Fun. 8.5 per cent alcohol.

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Saintly The Faithful Ginger Mule Hard Seltzer, NSW, $55/dozen mixed cocktail pack

Imagine a ginger beer without the sickly sugar hit. That's what this little banger achieves. The crew behind Saintly were inspired by the Ginger Mule cocktail (vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice). This is a subdued version, though the lime kick is punchy enough to blow the most stubborn of cobwebs away. Enjoy while lounging in a hammock, or over a game of mini-golf. 5 per cent alcohol.

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Sips Pink Grapefruit with Native Australian Davidson Plum Hard Seltzer, Melbourne, $48/dozen

No off-putting lolly aromas here. Ingredient-wise, it's relatively simple; carbonated water, triple-distilled vodka, pink grapefruit, and Davidson plum extract, which gives it edge. There's not a lick of sugar, so the finish is dry, almost  savoury, and the subtlety of this fizz gives it charm. The beverage is clear, so pour it on ice with a slice of pink grapefruit to pretty things up in the glass. Refreshing stuff. 5 per cent alcohol.

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