How to create your signature spritz drink

Aperol spritz with champagne and rosemary.
Aperol spritz with champagne and rosemary. Photo: Katrina Meynink

There's nothing in the world a spritz can't cure. Low enough in alcohol to be classified as a brunch drink, it also works brilliantly as a hangover cure.

It's perfect for low-vibe hosting – just put out the components and allow guests to act as their own bartenders.

The base ingredients – sparkling wine, Aperol, soda water – can all be modified to fit any mood, sticking with the formula of one third of each.

You don't need to stick to Aperol in a spritz.
You don't need to stick to Aperol in a spritz. Photo: iStock

In fact, the true joy of the spritz (sorry purists) is to make it your own.

Sub out Aperol for the bitterness of Campari or go completely off-piste with Cynar, the vegetal Italian artichoke liqueur. If you're feeling particularly cool, you might go for a slug of aniseedy Averna instead (bonus points if you've stored it in the freezer for extra viscosity). 

Choose champagne over sparkling wine, if you're feeling flush. Add fruit. Cover with edible flowers. Finish with a house-made flavoured soda or tonic.

The only rule is balance. Does the dryness of your sparkling wine harmonise with the bittersweet of your liqueur? Does the soda elevate, not water down?

If all that is in check, you have our permission to whip out the hibiscus, pickles, and pink grapefruit. Now is the time.